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    Australia : Falcon celebrates 50th birthday

    Falcon celebrates 50th birthday
    June 28, 2010

    Before the Opera House, before the jumbo jet, before colour television - before all of that in Australia, there was the Ford Falcon.

    Fifty years old on Monday, the Falcon celebrated its birthday with friends and family at Ford's Broadmeadows plant in Melbourne's north.

    Cheered on by hundreds of workers, a series of Falcons rolled out across the factory floor, from the first, the XK Falcon, to the latest, the 2010 50th anniversary limited edition Falcon.

    Beaming Ford Australia chief executive Marin Burela cut the cake with Victorian Premier John Brumby and Innovation Minister Kim Carr, as workers applauded and sang 'Happy Birthday' on the factory floor.

    "Falcon has been part of Australia's long life and part of society for a long time," Mr Burela said.

    Mr Burela later told reporters it was "a proud and personal day for everyone in the Ford family".

    "Certainly I've been with the company for 26 years, I started in Geelong and I can remember my father driving his very first XA Falcon back in 1972."

    The Ford Falcon is Australia's longest-running car model, with almost 3.5 million produced since the first XK rolled off the Broadmeadows plant production line on June 28, 1960.

    At Monday's celebrations, 50 years of Falcon models were showcased, starting with a gleaming grey XK Falcon, produced from 1960 to 1962, followed by a hulking canary yellow and black striped XY, produced between 1970 and 1972 and then an XA, which came out in 1972.

    A red Falcon XD, popular in the early 1980s, was followed by a Falcon EA and then the AU, produced at the turn of the century as an "end of the softer shapes of the early 1990s, blending bold, sharp edges with the strong robust features of previous Falcons".

    The final model, released on Monday, was the new 50th anniversary model, with former Ford president Sir Brian Inglis at the wheel beside former Ford racing driver Allan Moffat.

    Mr Moffat said the 50th birthday was a "marvellous milestone", alongside Ford Australia also celebrating its 85th year of business, a milestone "no other manufacturer" could match.

    "If Henry Ford was reincarnated and brought down on to earth and was to hop into our 50th anniversary Falcon here today, he'd think he was on the wrong planet," Mr Moffat told reporters.

    "Because (he would have thought) no one possibly could have achieved from a Model T to what we've got today in less than 100 years, he'd think he was in Pluto or something like that."

    Ford workers Chris Tzotzis and Delmer Achilles said they were "very proud" to be celebrating the day.

    "It's fantastic, fantastic, we're very proud, very excited," the pair told AAP.
    © 2010 AAP

    then :

    Manufacturer Ford Australia

    Production September 1960-August 1962

    Successor Ford XL Falcon

    Body style(s)


    3spd manual
    2spd auto

    Length 4602mm
    Width 1778mm
    Height 1384mm
    Curb weight 1105kg

    Ford XK Falcon - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    now :

    Ford FG Falcon

    Manufacturer Ford Motor Company of Australia

    Parent company Ford Motor Company

    Production 2008–present Assembly

    Campbellfield, Victoria, Australia

    Predecessor Ford BF Falcon

    Class Full-size

    Body style(s)

    2-door coupé utility
    4-door sedan

    Layout Front engine, rear-wheel drive

    Engine(s) Straight-sixV8
    • 5.4 L BOSS

    6-speed manual
    4-speed automatic
    5-speed automatic
    6-speed ZF automatic

    Wheelbase 2,838 mm (111.7 in)
    Length 4,955 mm (195.1 in) (XT)
    Width 1,868 mm (73.5 in)
    Height 1,453 mm (57.2 in)
    Curb weight 1,704 kg (3,760 lb) (XT)

    Ford FG Falcon - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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    Link here (Australian Falcons in Thailand) for the Australian Falcons in Thailand thread

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    Ford scales back work at Geelong plant

    Ford scales back work at Geelong plant

    Daniel Breen | March 8th, 2011

    HUNDREDS of Ford manufacturing employees will be forced to take temporary pay cuts in the coming weeks.
    Production at Geelong's Ford casting and engine plant will be temporarily scaled back until March 28, affecting 750 workers.

    Manufacturing on Ford's Falcon and Territory models will be reduced to three days a week, with employees to be offered alternative duties, dhreduced pay or annual leave days to cover the downturn.

    The cuts, which for the majority will result in workers receiving 50 to 60 per cent of a full day's pay for shifts where they are not required, are outlined in the employees' enterprise bargaining agreement.

    Ford has blamed the temporary shutdowns on a host of factors, including:

    FLAGGING sales of its Falcon and Territory models;

    A TEMPORARY lag in production;

    DELAYS in delivery of key parts such as a new LPG system for the next batch of Falcons and Territorys, and

    THE effect of last month's devastating floods on shipping of cars to Queensland and northern New South Wales.

    Company spokeswoman Sinead McAlary said the shutdowns were needed to ensure there was not of glut of new models in the market, a factor that would lead to severe pricing issues and negative flow-on effects for the automotive industry.

    ``The Geelong plant is affected similarly to the Broadmeadows plant. Until the last week in March, we're working three days a week and that is being done to manage stock levels appropriately,'' Ms McAlary said.

    ``In terms of employee numbers it affects roughly 750 employees. Where we can find work for people to do, such as maintenance, we do, and in the last week of March we will resume full production for the new Territory.''

    The new Territory will feature a more fuel-efficient diesel engine variant in response to consumer demands.

    Ford Australia built 38,615 Falcons and 11,558 Territorys last year.

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