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    Unite to postpone BA cabin crew strike ballot

    The Unite trade union is to postpone a strike ballot of British Airways cabin crew after receiving a peace offer from the airline, it was revealed today.
    The Unite joint general secretary, Tony Woodley, told the Guardian it would be "suicide" to push ahead with a poll without allowing 11,000 flight attendants to consider the proposal.
    The move means it is unlikely that BA passengers will see their summer travel plans disrupted.
    "Not to consult our members on this final offer would be suicide," Woodley said. "And to do that, we have to postpone our ballot.
    "As a consequence of the company's last and final offer, the union and its representatives will have no choice but to delay our vote in order to allow our members to consult the offer. The company has made it clear that the offer on the table will be removed if the strike ballot starts on Tuesday."
    However, Woodley said he could not recommend the BA proposal to members because it did not fully reinstate the staff travel perks stripped from strikers who joined a wave of walkouts in March.
    Indicating that the offer would have been accepted had it reinstated staff travel, he said: "The fact that the travel is not back in full makes the possibility of a recommendation nil. It makes the certainty of a yes uncertain."
    The consultative ballot on whether or not to accept the proposal is expected to begin this week, and could last for up to three weeks.
    The proposal makes some concessions by offering cabin crew a minimum allowance payment, rather than the flat fee that had been offered before. However, it does not reverse the staffing cuts that triggered the dispute last year.
    Woodley said the proposal was an "interesting" move that would protect members from the so-called new fleet strategy that will see newly recruited flight attendants fly on a separate fleet of aircraft on lower pay and different contractual conditions.
    "There is no doubt that this is an interesting change that will allow members to know that, with or without new fleet, they have a contractual guarantee of earnings in the future," he said.
    He added that the failure to reinstate staff travel would "fester" within the company, and criticised the BA chief executive, Willie Walsh, for refusing to relent on the issue.
    "I really do believe that what has happened here is scandalous," he said. "It is scandalous for a chief executive to beat up the local union in a personal and vindictive way, to be prepared to waste more than 100m of BA's money."
    A yes vote in the consultative ballot would head off what was likely to be three months of disruption for the airline.
    Under one strike scenario being considered by union officials in the event of a positive vote for a strike, strikers could stage a one day on, one day off series of walkouts, which could last the full 12 weeks of any strike mandate.
    However, that approach would leave strikers exposed to a lockout, with BA operating with auxiliary crew for the entire strike period.
    There were also concerns among union officials about the financial impact on staff who would have their pay packets diminished over three months.

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    He's not wrong it would be suicide!

    Nothing at all to do with this:

    More than 25,000 hopefuls are lining up to take on strike-breaking jobs as British Airways cabin crew at almost half the salary of existing staff.

    BA chief executive Willie Walsh – who after 18 months of talks has failed to end the dispute with the Unite union – has advertised for cabin managers and crew to form what amounts to a separate airline.

    Recruits will be paid 18,000 to 25,000 a year instead of the current 25,000 to 35,000.

    BA’s website has seen more than 25,000 hits from people showing an interest after a national newspaper advert.

    Airline sources say they are confident that the posts will be over-subscribed.
    Mr Walsh plans to recruit 1,250 new crew within 12 months and up to 5,000 over the next decade.

    They will not work alongside existing unionised crew to avoid accusations of being ‘scabs’.

    New recruits will work on both short and long-haul routes, unlike current staff.
    Tony Woodley, joint general secretary of Unite – which represents about 80 per cent of BA’s 12,000 crew – condemned the jobs drive.

    Or this:
    Dear Tony & Derek

    Following formal notification on 22 June of your forthcoming ballot for further industrial action, I am writing to advise that the ‘Way Forward Agreement’ which has been available since 6 April 2010 and that you recommended rejection of in your online ballot, has now been withdrawn with immediate effect.

    Attached is a revised Final Position which will remain available until you begin your ballot of your Heathrow based members.

    We make this offer in a further attempt to reach an agreement before you continue to inflict more damage on our reputation and undermine the job security of the members you claim to represent.

    In the letter from Brian Boyd and Brendan Gold dated 9th June and in a more recent flyer from Unite, three issues have been set out, slightly differently in each communication, on which you will be basing your ballot. I would like to point out that the three items you advise you will ballot on have all figured throughout this unresolved dispute. Whilst we are carefully examining the reasons for your new ballot, we would like to point out that we believe they are not new items and therefore, you are potentially putting your members at risk.

    My response to each point you make is as follows:
    British Airways will deploy resources appropriately to support our customers and our operation. Your current members of cabin crew have continued to have their appropriate collective agreements applied.
    Staff travel will not be fully re-instated but the opportunity to have it applied with an amended date of joining does remain available. As my previous gesture on staff travel was while the ‘Way Forward Agreement’ was in place, we have outlined in a revised letter to Brendan Barber the position on staff travel being made available.
    The disciplinary procedure we have in place is robust as we have consistently stated. To address your concerns I did offer to allow Acas to attend disciplinaries as observers to allay your concerns about fair and reasonable treatment.

    I would strongly urge you to consider the content of this revised offer carefully before you initiate your ballot. I look forward to hearing from you.

    Tony McCarthy
    Director of People & Organisational Effectiveness
    Anyone who tries to keep them out on strike now will go down as one of the most idiotic union leaders in history.

    Actually, anyone who rejects the offer and votes to go out on strike will go down as just a f**king idiot.

    It isn't going to get any better than this, thanks to the crappy union reps.

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