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    HONOLULU - TB Patient Under 24-Hour Security

    TB Patient Under 24-Hour Security

    Richard Palm, 52, has been quarantined at Leahi Hospital near Diamond Head for the past month after he was diagnosed on the Big Island with active tuberculosis.

    Leahi is the only hospital in the state where active TB is treated.

    The nine-room unit is on the second floor of Leahi.

    It is not a high-security facility, which is how Palm left the hospital twice against doctors orders.

    Sources tell KITV both times he flew back to his home on the Big Island where Department of Health officials tracked him down.

    Now under a court order, Palm is forced to stay at Leahi with state sheriffs providing 24 hour security at the ward.

    Palm contacted KITV, complaining he was "being treated like a criminal" inside the TB ward.

    But state health officials said because he is not complying with medical orders, they have no choice but to keep him isolated at Leahi.
    "Whenever an individual chooses not to be in compliance with measures to protect the health and safety of the general population, it really is incumbent upon the department to take whatever measures are necessary to ensure the safety of the public," said Dr. Chiyome Fukino, state Health Department director.

    Hawaii has one of the highest infection rates for tuberculosis in the nation due to the high number of immigrants from Southeast Asia where TB is more prevalent.

    The highly contagious disease can be fatal but is highly treatable.

    Department of Public Safety said sheriffs are stationed inside the ward working special duty with the cost of security being covered by the Health Department.
    "It's really unfortunate when we have to go this far to protect the public," said Fukino.
    "But this is a very serious infection, and we think we need to be aggressive about it.
    "The health department has no idea how much the total cost of care will be in this case because treatment could take at least three months.
    "If this individual were to infect a number of other people, the costs would be escalated.

    Whether the cost was borne by the state or by individuals, it certainly would be a considerable amount of money," said Fukino.

    State health officials believe no one Palm has been in contact with has been infected with TB.

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    pick that up from someone coughing near you or sneezing .
    yes gotta lock him up till cured ,,,unfortunate for him.

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    Wake Up, America: Forced vaccinations, quarantine camps, health care interrogations and mandatory “decontaminations”
    by: Mike Adams,

    (NaturalNews) The United States of America is devolving into medical fascism and Massachusetts is leading the way with the passage of a new bill, the “Pandemic Response Bill” 2028, reportedly just passed by the MA state Senate and now awaiting approval in the House. This bill suspends virtually all Constitutional rights of Massachusetts citizens and forces anyone “suspected” of being infected to submit to interrogations, “decontaminations” and vaccines.

    It’s also sets fines up to $1,000 per day for anyone who refuses to submit to quarantines, vaccinations, decontamination efforts or to follow any other verbal order by virtually any state-licensed law enforcement or medical personnel. You can read the text yourself here:…

    Here’s some of the language contained in the bill:

    (Violation of 4th Amendment: Illegal search and seizure)

    During either type of declared emergency, a local public health authority… may exercise authority… to require the owner or occupier of premises to permit entry into and investigation of the premises; to close, direct, and compel the evacuation of, or to decontaminate or cause to be
    decontaminated any building or facility; to destroy any material; to restrict or prohibit assemblages of persons;

    (Violation of 14th Amendment; illegal arrest without a warrant)

    …an officer authorized to serve criminal process may arrest without a warrant any person whom the officer has probable cause to believe has violated an order given to effectuate the purposes of this subsection and shall use reasonable diligence to enforce such order. [Gunpoint]

    (Government price controls)
    The attorney general, in consultation with the office of consumer affairs and business regulation, and upon the declaration by the governor that a supply emergency exists, shall take appropriate action to ensure that no person shall sell a product or service that is at a price that unreasonably exceeds the price charged before the emergency.

    “Involuntary Transportation” (also known as kidnapping)

    Law enforcement authorities, upon order of the commissioner or his agent or at the request of a local public health authority pursuant to such order, shall assist emergency medical technicians or other appropriate medical personnel in the involuntary transportation of such person to the tuberculosis treatment center.

    $1,000 / day in fines

    Any person who knowingly violates an order, as to which noncompliance
    poses a serious danger to public health as determined by the commissioner or the local public health authority, shall be punished by imprisonment for not more than 30 days or a fine of not more than one thousand dollars per day that the violation continues, or both.

    Forced vaccinations

    Furthermore, when the commissioner or a local public health authority within its jurisdiction determines that either or both of the following measures are necessary to prevent a serious danger to the public health the commissioner or local public health authority may exercise the following authority: (1) to vaccinate or provide precautionary prophylaxis to individuals as protection against communicable disease…

    Forced quarantine for those who refuse (illegal imprisonment without charge)

    An individual who is unable or unwilling to submit to vaccination or treatment shall not be required to submit to such procedures but may be isolated or quarantined pursuant to section 96 of chapter 111 if his or her refusal poses a serious danger to public health or results in uncertainty whether he or she has been exposed to or is infected with a disease or condition that poses a serious danger to public health, as determined by the commissioner, or a local public health authority operating within its jurisdiction.
    Eat more Cheezy Poofs!

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    Hua Hin
    The above post is absolute crap.

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    Depends on your point of view...
    That bill failed (like most proposed bills) about a year ago- please do a minimum of research before posting complete bullshit.

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