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    Egypt: Lost ancient Memphis tomb rediscovered

    Egypt - Lost ancient Memphis tomb rediscovered

    A lost ancient Egyptian tomb has been rediscovered by archaeologists in the desert sands south of Cairo.

    The 3,300-year-old tomb is believed to belong to a mayor of the ancient capital of Memphis.

    It was originally discovered by artefact hunters in the 19th Century, who then lost the tomb's location.

    The tomb was located by a team of Egyptian researchers after a five-year search and they are hopeful mummified remains are still inside.

    Nile hunt carvings The tomb belongs to Ptahmes, who was also army chief, overseer of the treasury and a royal scribe under the Pharaohs Seti I and his son Ramses II, during the 13th Century BC.

    "Since 1885 the tomb has been covered in sand and no-one knew about it," Professor Ola el-Aguizy of Cairo University said.

    "It is important because this tomb was the lost tomb."

    The 70m-long tomb, located in the Saqarra necropolis, contains carvings depicting Ptahmes and his family hunting and fishing on the Nile River.

    The team is still looking for the main chamber where it is believed the mummified remains and sarcophagus of the occupants may still remain.

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    But, but Sir, Memphis is in America.

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    Interesting stuff. Thanks for posting. Will do a google search for some more info.

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    Maybe they will finally find Elvis.

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    I'd love to be able take a look around in there. Very interesting

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    Quote Originally Posted by sailora View Post
    Maybe they will finally find Elvis.
    Thank ya.....thank ya vurry mush...

    I often wondered what old rock and roll or country music had to do with egyptians....

    Tut was a rocker!!!

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