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    In yer eyeballs

    Another one to keep your eye out for

    Stevenson, 35, pleaded guilty to 17 counts of possessing the indecent images at Minshull Street Crown Court and was given a six-month supervision order after the Judge heard he had already spent seven months in prison.

    Businessman Christian Stevenson who downloaded more than 900 sexually explicit images of children has walked free from court.

    Stevenson, 35, pleaded guilty to 17 counts of possessing the indecent images at Minshull Street Crown Court and was given a six-month supervision order after the Judge heard he had already spent seven months in prison.

    Stevenson, who runs a property business in Thailand, was arrested on a flight from Amsterdam airport last October.

    Police found the 'sexually explicit' images after seizing three computers at his former home in Denton.

    They raided the house after a tip off in 2006. However, the images had been downloaded in 2004.

    Stevenson had made what was described as an 'amateurish' attempt to delete pictures which had been downloaded from a number of websites. In his defence he admitted that he was searching for pornography but did not want to see images of more mature ladies and as a result would type the term "teen porn" into search engines. He also blamed the downloads on pop-up advertisements which he claimed were impossible to close down.

    Despite that, he was unable to explain 47 internet searches where the keywords related to children. The raid took place while Stevenson was in Thailand, where he lives with his partner and child. He was arrested on a visit home last October.
    Of the pictures, two fell into level five - the most serious category used to rank indecent images of children.

    Sentencing Stevenson, who at one point turned to the public gallery and said: "I can explain." Judge Jonathan Foster, QC, said: "You say you came across these images accidentally through pop-ups. I find that an unconvincing explanation.
    "There were 47 keyword searches for pornography involving children" Judge Foster added that under sentencing guidelines he would have handed out a 19-month term in prison with a 25 per cent reduction for the guilty plea. Taking into account good behaviour that would have been halved to around seven months which he had already served, the Judge added. "I would like to make it plain," he said. "The real punishment for these offences is 14 months imprisonment.
    "The fact that this is a non-custodial short period of supervision should not reflect the attitude of this court for these offences."

    Stevenson will also be made to sign the sex offenders register.

    I wonder why he has a business in Thailand?

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    Microsoft gladly provides free software to law enforcement and government agencies to help big brother monitor your every move. So far as I know, the only way to really sanitize a hard drive is to disassemble it and physically smash the disk into powder.

    Not that I have any sympathy for this clown, but the "tip" was probably fictional and the result of governmental monitoring of people's mostly legal activities without any warrant or reason.

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    Not discounting the serious nature of this conviction, but hell, they can bring up every google search you have ever done and use it in court against you!?

    This big brother thing is starting to get a bit scary.

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    Hua Hin
    They got Al Capone on tax exasion charges, not his gangster activity.
    Sometimes, the prosecutors will pick the charges they can get a conviction on, and not necessarily the activities that merit the attention. The police do not embark on an expensive investigation like this, unless someone in the prosecutors office agrees to the investigation.

    I am not a big fan of judicial snooping as it impinges upon the bigger issue of civil liberties. It is disturbing that the authorities can expend resources on a guy like this, without mention of related activities that usually put someone on the radar screen. Either this fellow was a nasty perv or he was a hapless fellow. In any case, if they can get this guy, why the F*k can't they nail the sickos that post the suicide bombing videos or hate speech on sites like youtube. Low hanging fruit scenario I guess.

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