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    Gun battles in Madagascar capital Antananarivo

    Gun battles in Madagascar capital Antananarivo

    Calm has been restored after clashes in the Madagascar capital Antananarivo between rival security forces.

    Madagascar's army and police exchanged gunfire with a rebel police faction.

    The faction has retreated to its barracks and is trying to negotiate a way out, a military officer says.

    Madagascar has been in political turmoil since opposition leader Andry Rajoelina assumed power in January 2009, with military backing.

    Dissident members of the elite intervention force National Gendarmes Intervention Force (FIGN) were thought to be protesting against the country's political crisis.

    Colonel Richard Ravalomanana, who was leading the military operation against the rebel faction, says there were 21 dissidents.

    "We never meant to attack but they started opening fire on us. We only retaliated for half an hour when we decided to move towards their base," he told the AFP news agency.

    The dissidents had set up barricades around their base in Antananarivo.

    Reports suggest both members of the security forces and civilians were injured in the clashes.

    Mr Rajoelina has faced criticism at home and abroad for not having resolved the country's political crisis.

    Earlier this month, he announced he would not run in elections planned for later this year.

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    I like Madagascar. Let me tell you about Alain.

    Alain is a French man who I met through a friend here in Minburi about 4 years ago. He doesn't speak English too well, so teaching is out of the question. He trades, barters and cheats his way across three continents.

    Madagascar you say?

    Alain travels from BKK to France to Madagascar, 2-3 times a year. He sends used mobiles and second -hand Honda waves to the Island from Thailand, where he makes 5x the price. Accompanying him on the flight is a huge bag full of ladies cosmetics, where also he can get 5x the price. With a bag of Thai fake gold, the ladies offer themselves he says.

    He's been in a Madagascan jail a couple of times now for petty crimes. All was sorted for a three year old Nokia. Forget Isaan he says...These people are lucky to have a constant supply of electricity for more than 4 hours. But a former French colony, he loves it!

    The Thai ten Bhat coin, he tells me is nearly identical to a two Euro coin...When he goes to France he floods the area with hundreds of coins...another little earner....That and his fake Lacoste he fills his bags with....

    They guy is an enigma...I wish you all could meet him...

    Absoluetly true story. It's amazing the people you meet in LoS!

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    The land of silk and money.
    Looks like the whole human world his slowly imploding. Is there anywhere where things are on the up ?

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    Way, Way South of the border now - thank God!
    Madagascar . . . a place that has always held a certain mystique for me . . . never been there, probably never will go.

    Been close, to Tanzania and Zanzibar when I was a little kid

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    10 baht coins are amazing.
    They even pass for 2 euros in dark bars and nightclubs.
    I lived off them for a month in Spain.

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    Madagascar deports ousted leader's spouse to Thailand
    Sunday 29 July 2012

    The wife of Madagascar's ousted leader Marc Ravalomanana was deported and put on a flight to Thailand Friday, hours after she landed at the island nation's capital, her son said.

    "They pushed my mum out of the country," Tojo Ravalomanana told AFP.

    Her husband's lawyer, Hanitra Razafimanantsoa, said: "They sent her to Bangkok. She called from the plane. She doesn't have a visa or any money."

    The head of Ravalomanana's political movement, Mamy Rakotoarivelo, earlier told AFP that she had been detained on arrival but was later released at the order of Prime Minister Omer Beriziky.

    The former president and his wife have repeatedly tried and failed to enter the country. Their son Tojo has been living on the island.

    Since his ouster in 2009, Ravalomanana has been living in exile in South Africa.

    His wife attempted to return following this week's talks between Ravalomanana and Andry Rajoelina, the country's current ruler who took power with army backing three years ago.

    But Rajoelina's office described the attempt by Ravalomanana's wife to return, as "provocative" and in "flagrant violation of the resolutions taken at the face-to-face talks held in Seychelles."

    "At a time when the people and the country are seeking ways towards peace and quiet, this irresponsible and provocative move by Marc Ravalomonana, could jeopardise the continuation of the next round of negotiations," said a statement from Rajoelina's office.

    The first direct talks between the two failed to agree on conditions for Ravalomanana's eventual return, but his wife's arrival was seen as a sign of progress in easing the deadlock.

    Agreeing on the terms of his return is one of the major hurdles in guiding Madagascar towards elections.

    The two rivals are expected to meet again within three weeks, before the next summit of the Southern African Development Community, which is mediating in the crisis.

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