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    Russian president asked to investigate alien claims

    Russian president asked to investigate alien claims

    Richard Galpin
    BBC News, Moscow

    Mr Ilyumzhinov made the claims in a TV interview

    A Russian MP has asked President Dmitry Medvedev to investigate claims by a regional president that he has met aliens on board a spaceship.
    Kirsan Ilyumzhinov, the leader of the southern region of Kalmykia, made his claim in a television interview.
    MP Andre Lebedev is not just asking whether Mr Ilyumzhinov is fit to govern.
    He is also concerned that, if he was abducted, he may have revealed details about his job and state secrets.
    The MP has written a letter to Mr Medvedev raising a list of his concerns.
    In his letter he says that - assuming the whole thing was not just a bad joke - it was an historic event and should have been reported to the Kremlin.
    He also asks if there are official guidelines for what government officials should do if contacted by aliens, especially if those officials have access to state secrets.
    Mr Ilyumzhinov said in an interview on primetime television that he had been taken on board an alien spaceship which had come to planet Earth to take samples - and claims to have several witnesses.
    He has been president of Kalmykia, a small Buddhist region of Russia which lies on the shores of the Caspian Sea, for 17 years.
    The millionaire former businessman has a reputation as an eccentric character.
    As president of the World Chess Federation, he has spent tens of millions of dollars turning the impoverished republic into a mecca for chess players - building an entire village to host international tournaments.

    BBC News - Russian president asked to investigate alien claims

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    Quote Originally Posted by buriramboy View Post
    Russian president asked to investigate alien claims

    BBC News - Russian president asked to investigate alien claims
    Moronic Kiddies Corner was where a post of mine was out after I posted a similar story earlier in the week.

    Seems some can get away with it, others can not. Double standards here.

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