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    Michigan - Hookah Bar Owners Plan Lawsuit Against Ban

    Hookah Bar Owners Plan Lawsuit Against Ban

    DEARBORN, Mich. (WXYZ) - Over a hundred hookah lounge and restaurant owners are banding together to fight the smoking ban, which takes effect this Saturday.

    They're concerned that the ban will force them out of business. They also want to know why they weren't granted an exemption from the ban like the owners of cigar bars and lounges.

    Many of the owners say they feel like the lack of a hookah exemption is an attack on their Arabic culture. They say the device has been a symbol of Arabic culture for hundreds of years, and that many of their customers only come because of the setting the hookah helps provide.

    Some of the owners say they could loose hundreds of thousands of dollars if they don't get an exemption. They also say that their employees are so worried they're already talking about going on unemployment or searching for a new job.

    The restaurant owners say they plan to file a lawsuit asking for an injunction that will stop the ban from being enforced in their establishments. They say the suit will be filed by the end of the week.

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    for a moment then, i thought it was a bar in america called Hookah which well, had hookers!

    so whats the betting calling a bar in Pattaya 'Hookah'. would it draw the crowds and would the Thai girls get the joke?

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    Quote Originally Posted by WujouMao
    would the Thai girls get the joke?
    Probably not but they would make a lot of cash from semi-literate tourists who didn't realise it was a joke as well !

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