Thousands Of Bees Infest Home

HOUSTON -- Thousands of bees have infested a southwest Houston house, KPRC Local 2 reported Tuesday.

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Josie Parra and her family said they have been dealing with the problem for almost two years."There are hundreds of them," she said.
"You can see them outside of my little boy's room and they are coming in through a little hole. We have tried to fix the problem ourselves ... we don't know what else to do."

She said everyone in her family, including her husband and 2-year-old daughter, has been stung by the bees.

"We've called the city of Houston, the fire department ... no one has been able to do anything.
Someone quoted me a price of $450, but we don't have that kind of money right now."

The problem got so bad that her next-door neighbor, Donita Precise, said she's nervous about letting her grandchildren play in her back yard.
"I'm scared during the day because they're are out here really swarming around. They started out small, but now they're are getting bigger and more aggressive."

After taking a few moments to assess the problem, Claude Griffin from Gotcha Pest Control said "from one to 10, this problem is an 11."

He not only had to carve out pieces of brick and siding of the house, he also had to go inside the home and remove a piece of the ceiling.

"This is so dangerous," he said. "Someone could have died. In my opinion, this problem has been here for more like 10 years."

Griffin found hundreds of thousands of bees living inside the home.
He eventually pulled out 200 pounds of honey.

The Parra family said it was grateful no one was hurt, but will have to stay away from the house for the day or so.