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    Tasmania plans to sell possum meat and fur to the world

    Tasmania plans to sell possum meat and fur to the world

    TASMANIAN possum products could soon feature in menus and on fashion catwalks worldwide, The Mercury reports.

    The Australian Federal Government is considering a draft management plan for the commercial harvest and export of Tasmanian brushtail possums, a large nocturnal marsupial.

    The proposal outrages animal rights groups who say it is exploiting a native animal.

    But it has been welcomed by farmers who say they are sick of possums destroying their crops.

    It is also welcomed by Lenah Game Meats proprietor John Kelly who says he could sell $1 million worth of possum fur to New Zealand tomorrow if he could access them.

    Last year an estimated 376,000 possums were slaughtered in Tasmania for crop protection but possum products have not been exported since 2004, when the last management plan expired.

    Brushtail possums, which were introduced to New Zealand in the 1800s, are a major agricultural and conservation pest there, with cottage industries killing the introduced species for fur and meat trades.

    A number of NZ companies export possum carcasses to Taiwan, Hong Kong and Malaysia where possum is regarded as a delicacy and known as "Kiwi bear."

    Read more: Battle over possum harvest Tasmania News - The Mercury - The Voice of Tasmania

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    Taste like rat?

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    Possums play dead when threatened. Advise diners always order well done to avoid being bitten on the nose whilst taking their first bite.

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