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    Al-Qaeda Threat for W C 2010 - USA/UK match

    It had to happen - here it is - just when you thought Julius Malema had done enough damage trashing the whitey - now the ragheads - no need for any boycott


    An Algeria-based cell, claiming to be a branch of terrorist group al-Qaeda, said it will strike on 12 June on the day of the Group C match in Rustenberg.
    An online article refers to an "explosion causing hundreds of deaths".
    But police chief Vishnu Naidoo said: "We have not identified any specific threats in reference to this article."
    He added: "The credibility of the report must be questioned, but we will test the content. We cannot ignore it."
    The threats were made on what claims to be the jihadist online magazine of the North Africa terror group al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb, a militant organisation based in Algeria.

    BBC Sport - Football - South Africa police defend World Cup security plans

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    The thin ice of modern life.
    Bomb Algeria, that'll learn 'em.

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    I really enjoy football,
    I have no special team to support...well my kids like Arsenal.
    I have travelled many miles to watch, even to Africa a few times for the African Cup of Nations.
    South Africa for the World Cup................not a chance.
    You dont need terrorist threats to put most sane people off the idea.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ItsRobsLife View Post
    Bomb Algeria, that'll learn 'em.
    I agree, Algeria is just a useless country full of lazy cnuts. Absolutely everything there was built by the french and now they are destroying it. Even the migrants in France live on social welfare.

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