Somali pirates hijack Turkish ship

Somali pirates have hijacked a Turkish cargo vessel off the coast of Kenya, the EU's naval force has said.

The Yasin C is reported to have come under attack some 250 nautical miles (460km) east of its destination, the port of Mombasa.

Cdr John Harbour said that the carrier had a crew of 25 people on board, all of whom are believed to be Turkish.

"The MV Yasin C was taken around midday, 250 nautical miles off the Kenyan coast," Cdr Harbour said.

The pirates have expanded the reach of their attacks, recently seizing a vessel closer to India than Africa.

The EU's naval force, which patrols the waters off the coast of east Africa, says it believes its new strategy has pushed the pirate gangs further afield.

Somalia has been riven by civil war and unrest since 1991, allowing the pirates relative impunity.

Some of the pirates' leaders have amassed fortunes by holding ships for ransom, and the Gulf of Aden has become one of the most dangerous shipping lanes in the world.