Woman Uses Crane To Rescue Parrot


An Iowa bird owner's pet is back on safe ground after spending three days battling the elements while trapped in a tree.

"I left the door open and, um, the bird flew out," said owner Mariah Jensen.

Her $2,000 scarlet macaw, Jobe, got away on Easter.
"He flew out to a tree and we've been chasing him around for three days now," Jensen said.
"He doesn't understand to fly down.

"She said she rented an 80-foot crane to get to Jobe, but the rain frustrated her efforts.

"I managed to get it stuck and we can't get it out now," she said.

The crane stayed stuck until late Wednesday.

For a while, it seemed like nothing would work."It's hard," Jensen said.
"You want to see some type of progress and we've just dug ourselves deeper."

She said her bird went through a lot of wind and rain over the three-day ordeal.

Jobe was just out of everyone's reach.

Finally, with a poke and a push, the petrified pet was back in safe hands.

"It finally happened," Jensen said. "I did not expect this."
She said Jobe's rescue cost her $1,000, a price she was willing to pay from the beginning.
"It's worth it, it's worth it," she said.
She said Jobe would also have to pay a price, too.

She's having his wings clipped so that something like this will never happen again."He's grounded," she said.