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    Pakistan:US Consulate Bombed

    RED ALERT: U.S. Consulate Attacked In Pakistan | STRATFOR


    One attacker was able to blow up in the U.S. Consulate premises, AAJ TV reported April 5. The front side of the U.S. Consulate has been totally destroyed. Reports of seven or eight security personnel in the Consulate are dead. The Consulate’s communication system is down.
    Three explosions, two rocket attacks and subsequent gunfire have been reported in the near vicinity of the U.S. consulate in Peshawar, Pakistan, on April 5. The attack occurred early afternoon local time when the consulate would have been full of both American and local employees. The death toll is reported at 36 but is expected to rise.

    There are no assessments yet of the damage that the consulate building has sustained, but reports indicate that the explosions led to the collapse of other, adjacent buildings. Pakistani soldiers are also reported to be engaging militants in gunfire, indicating that militants are actively engaged in an attack near the area - possibly with the intention of breaching the U.S. consulate.
    Many U.S. diplomatic missions (including the one in Peshawar) have a number of built in security features, such as a perimeter wall, ample stand-off distance between the buildings and the wall, reinforced concrete structure and windows and marines stationed inside to ward off attacks. While militant activity in the tribal belt of northwest Pakistan has led to regular attacks against targets of the Pakistani state, today’s assault against the consulate is an extremely rare direct attack on a U.S. target.
    STRATFOR is monitoring the situation for more details.

    Profiteering From War and Disease, Corporate Owned "News" Media Deliberately Dis-Informs in Order to Further Its Own Agenda- PROFIT

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    38 killed in Pakistan suicide bombing

    Updated 36 minutes ago
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    The attack on the US consulate came hours after the bomb blast at a gathering of supporters of an ethnic Pashtun-based political party staunchly opposed to the militants. (AFP: A Majeed)

    Suspected Islamist militants have attacked a Pakistani checkpost near the US consulate in Peshawar, hours after a suicide bomber killed 38 people elsewhere in the north-west, officials say.
    The attacks underscore the danger posed by militants in the nuclear-armed US-allied country after a year of military offensives which have dealt the Islamists significant setbacks.
    The attack on the consulate came hours after the bomb blast at a gathering of supporters of an ethnic Pashtun-based political party staunchly opposed to the militants.
    "I saw attackers in two vehicles. Some of them carried rocket-propelled grenades," city resident Siraj Afridi said.
    "They first opened fire at security personnel at the post near the consulate and then blasts went off."
    Other residents say there was an initial blast in the neighbourhood of the US consulate and they later heard two other blasts and rifle fire in the same area.
    The US embassy in Islamabad says it has no information.
    The blasts threw clouds of white smoke into the sky and residents say soldiers cordoned off the scene and ordered people to remain in doors.
    Security force helicopters hovered overhead.
    A doctor at the main hospital in Peshawar, which is the gateway to Afghanistan and has seen a string of bomb attacks over the past year, says one person had been killed and one wounded.
    Security forces were hunting the attackers, an official said.
    "There were three blasts. The first happened at a security post while two others about 200 metres away, near the consulate," said a security official in Peshawar, who declined to be identified.
    "We don't know exactly whether any attackers are left. The area has been cordoned off and forces are clearing it."

    Suicide bombing

    Earlier, a suspected suicide bomber blew himself up at a meeting of the Awami National Party (ANP), in the Lower Dir district, about 80 kilometres north-east of Peshawar, killing 38 people, a hospital doctor said.
    Police say the bomber tried to get into the ground where the ANP, which heads a coalition government in North West Frontier Province, was holding a meeting, but he was stopped and blew himself up.
    The ANP, which is also a member of the ruling federal coalition government, is a largely secular party and opposes the militants battling the state.
    Pakistani Taliban militants have attacked ANP gatherings before.
    The meeting was called to celebrate the renaming of NWFP, which the party has long demanded. Under constitutional amendments expected to be approved in parliament this week, the province will be renamed Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, in a bid to represent its dominant Pashtun population.
    "The Taliban have lost the battle and now, out of desperation, they are carrying out such cowardly attacks," said Haji Mohammad Adeel, an ANP senator.
    The long-awaited constitutional amendments, which will also transfer President Asif Ali Zardari's sweeping powers to the prime minister, are due to be taken up in the National Assembly on Tuesday.
    The amendments should ease opposition to the unpopular Mr Zardari and promote political stability in the nuclear-armed US ally, analysts say.
    - Reuters
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