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    'Many Dead' In Moscow Metro Blasts

    Around 40 people have been killed in two explosions on Moscow's metro system.

    The explosions happened during the morning rush-hour

    The first blast hit a train at central Moscow's Lubyanka metro station during the height of the city's morning rush-hour.

    A second explosion is reported to have rocked Park Kultury station, also killing several travellers.

    Sky's Russia correspondent, Amanda Walker, said: "The explosion happened at the busiest time. You could not get a busier time.

    "It seems to be a very serious situation at the moment."

    Emergency ministry spokeswoman Irina Andrianova says 14 people were killed in a train at Lubyanka metro station, just a short distance from the Kremlin.

    Eleven more died on the station platform.

    Russian media say 12 died in the second explosion.

    Russian officials say they are examining whether terrorists were behind the blasts.

    Russia's Interfax news agency said the second explosion could have been caused by a suicide bomber.

    Chechen rebels have been behind several deadly explosions in the last decade.
    But the attacks have receded in recent years.

    'Many Dead' In Blasts On Russia's Metro System | World News | Sky News

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    Moscow metro attack: Dozens killed in subway explosions

    Moscow metro attack: Dozens killed in subway explosions

    There have been two explosions on Moscow's underground metro system.

    Both blasts happened during the Monday morning rush hour in what authorities believe could have been a co-ordinated attack, although it's still not confirmed how the explosions happened.

    At least 32 were killed and 11 wounded in the first explosion at Lubyanka station just before 8am, Moscow time.

    The station is near to The Kremlin and is beneath the headquarters of the Federal Security Service.

    A second explosion occurred 45 minutes later at Park Kultury station in central Moscow, killing at least 12 people and injuring 15 others.

    Both stations are on the same subway line, which has now been closed in the centre of the city.

    The police are on high alert across the Russian capital, and are investigating whether suicide bombers could be to blame.

    A terrorism investigation is underway. Emergency crews are at both blast sites.

    The wounded are being airlifted by helicopter to hospital, because the surrounding roads have ground to a halt.

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    Female suicide bombers kill 37 in Moscow.

    Two suspected female suicide bombers have killed at least 37 people on Moscow's metro system during the height of rush-hour.

    Russian authorities said it appeared the attacks were carried out by militants from the North Caucasus region.

    The government has been fighting an insurgency by rebels in the mainly Muslim area, which has spread from Chechnya.

    President Dmitri Medvedev condemned the bombings, saying Russia would "fight terrorism without hesitation and to the end".

    He also ordered security be stepped up on all public transport across the country.

    The first blast blew up a train carriage at the city's central Lubyanka station.

    It is located underneath the offices of the Federal Security Service (FSB), the KGB's successor agency, and a mere half a kilometre from the Kremlin.

    Authorities said 14 people on the train were killed, while 11 more died on the platform.

    The second explosion went off some 45 minutes later at Park Kultury, which is the stop for Gorky Park, killing at least 12 people.

    A further 35 to 70 people were injured in the attacks, according to conflicting reports.

    "I was in the middle of the train when somewhere in the first or second carriage there was a loud blast," a commuter outside Park Kultury told the RIA news agency.

    "I felt the vibrations reverberate through my body."

    Moscow's mayor Yuri Luzhkov said information from the FSB indicated there had been two female suicide bombers.

    A spokesman for Russia's top investigative body, said one bomber was wearing a belt packed with plastic explosives.

    He added the Park Kultury bomb was "equivalent to about 1.5kg of TNT".

    Reports said both stations were shut along with affected lines, while police were checking commuters' bags on other lines still open.

    Sky's Russia correspondent Amanda Walker said attacks carried out by women were not unusual.

    "Around seven or eight years ago there was a spate of attacks outside the Caucasus region - a significant number of the militants involved were female," she said.

    "In Russia, they became known as the 'Black Widows'.

    "The women said the reason they were doing what they were doing was because of their anger at the brutal wars that took place in the 90s."

    Sky's foreign affairs editor Tim Marshall added: "The Chechnyans have had wars of independence at least twice in which they've been battered by the Russians.

    "Subsequently, the idea of independence slightly went away. In came Islamic extremism.

    "Now, many of the Chechnyan fighters have aligned themeselve with other Islamic fighters in (neighbouring) Dagestan and Ingushetia, which make up most of the North Caucasus."

    The last confirmed terrorist attack in Moscow was in August 2004, when a suicide bomber blew herself up outside a city metro station.

    That attack killed 10 people and was claimed by Chechen rebels.

    Moscow Metro Blasts: More Than 30 Dead After Explosions Hit Russian Capital Underground System | World News | Sky News

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