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    German pensioners kidnap financial advisor

    A gang of German pensioners have been found guilty of kidnapping their financial advisor after their investments lost money.

    The retirees, aged from 61 to 80 abducted James Amburn in an attempt to recover some of their lost money - more than 2.2m.
    They kidnapped him from his home in western Germany and drove him 280 miles to southern Bavaria.

    They tied him up with tape and gagged him, put him in a box in the boot of a car and drove him to a lakeside home, where they had carefully prepared a cell for him.
    Along the way, they beat him up, breaking two ribs when he tried to flee during a stop.

    Four of the five defendants pleaded guilty to charges including kidnapping and aggravated assault for abducting Mr Amburn from his home in the southern German city of Speyer in June.

    The 74-year-old ringleader, Roland Kaspar, was sentenced to six years on prison.
    The group held him in a house and forcing him to send an order to transfer around 1.8m to their accounts from his bank in Zurich, Switzerland, not knowing that there was no money left, officials said.

    Mr Amburn was freed after four days captivity when he wrote a plea for help in a crude code - "Sell 100 Call Pol.ICE" - on the fax to his bank.
    Police stormed the lakeside home within hours.
    The defendants had argued that they had invited Mr Amburn for a short holiday in upper Bavaria.

    Judge Karl Niedermeier said the group had taken justice into their own hands "spectacularly,and called the crime insidious and deceitful.
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    Priceless... You can't make this stuff up...

    I see it being made into a movie... A comedy most likely...

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    the greedy bastard was 74 and still looking for investment. Att that age 74 and 60, loosing 2 milion euros, blame the advisor, kidnap him to die in jail after getting cought lol

    screw them

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    Well done, proud of them. Should happen much more. However the good Investment Banker may be so shocked that he cant work anymore. So he will get a yearly disability pension of around 200k Euro together with a guaranteed Bonus of 500k Euro. After 5 years of successful being disabled he will get a monster Bonus of 5 million Euro...... and so on.

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    Great , the authorities are toothless and spineless,

    Up the Vigilantes

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    Boil him up and use him as stock for soup at the homeless shelter !

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