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    Blind man sees with his tongue

    British Soldier Blinded In Iraq Is Taught To 'See' With His Tongue Using Revolutionary New Device | UK News | Sky News

    A British soldier who lost his sight in Iraq is being taught to 'see' with his tongue, using a revolutionary new device.

    Craig Lundberg, 24, who was blinded in a rocket-propelled grenade attack three years ago, is the first British soldier to test the BrainPort system.

    The device consists of a high-tech 'lollipop' that rests on Craig's tongue. It converts images from a video camera, that he wears on a pair of glasses, into signals that stimulate electrodes on the lollipop.

    The 10,000 device works on the principle of sensory substitution. The brain recognises that the signals stimulating the tongue have nothing to do with taste, and re-routes them to the visual centre of the brain for processing.

    The brain is able to interpret the image, giving Craig rudimentary vision.

    He described the device as "absolutely fantastic".

    "Whatever the camera is looking at, I can feel the image on my tongue," he said.

    The system has allowed him to make out the top letters on an optician's eye test.

    He said: "I could feel with my tongue that the first letter was an A, and then I moved on to the next one. It was amazing.

    "Then I walked down a corridor and I could make out the doorways, the walls and people coming towards me."

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    Was just watching this on the BBC news, quite fascinating, said something about only being at 400 pixels at the moment but hoping to increase it to 4000 in the near future, improving his vision a lot more.

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    Watch as Erik Weihenmayer experiments with the Brainport Vision Device, a revolutionary new technology enabling a blind person to see with his tongue. Mounted on Weihenmayers head is a small video camera which translates visual information to a credit card-size tongue display. Four-hundred tiny pixels present electrical patterns on his tongue, which Weihenmayers brain then interprets as a visual picture in three-dimensional space. Watch as he uses the device to read words and numbers on note cards, to play tic-tac-toe and stone-paper-scissors with his daughter, and to rock climb. To learn more about Brainport, go to BrainPort Technologies - Wicab, Inc..

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