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    US Teacher tackles gunman

    Teacher praised for tackling US school shooting suspect

    Mr Benke tackled the suspected gunman in the school car park

    A teacher has been hailed a hero after tackling a man accused of opening fire at a school in the US city of Denver.

    Maths teacher David Benke brought down Bruco Strong Eagle Eastwood, 32, who has been charged with attempted murder.

    The 6.5ft (1.96m) former college basketball player pinned Mr Eastwood to the ground after he allegedly opened fire with a rifle, injuring two pupils.

    Police said the actions of Mr Benke and another teacher almost certainly prevented worse bloodshed.

    Mr Eastwood was bailed for $1m during a brief court hearing on Wednesday.

    Mr Benke's intervention has been widely praised, with a fan-page on the social networking website Facebook attracting more than 20,000 followers.

    Among the hundreds of messages posted on the site, one posted by Sherry Erhardt Wynne read: "You saved lives of innocent children, and as a parent, I say thank you. And way to go!"

    Another, posted by Jake Woodzboy Dodenhoff, read: "It's people like you that this world needs."

    'Struggling around'

    The teacher, who was on duty in the car park at Deer Trail Middle School in Littleton, said he went to investigate after he heard what sounded like a firework.

    "Unfortunately he got another round off before I could grab him," said Mr Benke of his efforts to tackle the suspect.

    "He figured out that he wasn't going to be able to get another round chambered before I got to him so he dropped the gun and then we were kind of struggling around trying to get him subdued."

    One of the injured pupils is said to be "doing well" in hospital, while the other was discharged after being treated.

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    Oooohh ahh, I think the H&S people are going to have something to say about this.

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    The back of beyond..on the bloody PC by the looks of it!!
    Bet he gets sued for injuring the assailent and gets jail time

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    The school is American; he's fine. Probably will get the medal he deserves. Pretty sad when this becomes part of a teacher's normal job description, however, as appears more and more to be the case in American schools.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr R Sole View Post
    Bet he gets sued for injuring the assailent and gets jail time
    In Britain probably, but self defense or defense of others, or even defense of property is one of the very few areas where the USA still shows some sign of intelligence.

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    about time America armed its teachers so they don't have to tackle these armed freaks unarmed.

    Then of course armed all its students incase an armed teacher goes postal like that female teacher/mass murderer last week.

    America... God bless you.

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