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    UK -Thai brothel keepers jailed

    Vice cops vow to smash Plymouth sex slave gangs

    Friday, February 12, 2010, 11:30
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    VICE gangs looking to set up brothels staffed by 'sex slaves' should stay out of Plymouth or prepare to be caught, say police.
    The warning comes from Det Sgt Ian Tomlinson of the Devon and Cornwall Serious and Organised Crime Investigation Team, which is celebrating another success against the cynical gangs who exploit vulnerable women.
    A major investigation resulted in two Thai brothel-keepers involved in people-trafficking being jailed for six and four years.
    Yesterday, Thai woman Oranong Biscoe was jailed for four years at Plymouth Crown Court for helping to get their profits out of the country and back to Thailand.
    "This latest conviction sends out a message to those seeking to open brothels and traffic human beings in the UK," said Det Sgt Tomlinson.
    "A few years ago, we were seen as a soft target, because we hadn't really identified people-trafficking as too much of a problem, but now when we're made aware of trafficked victims, we come down on the gangs like a ton of bricks.
    "Our message to them is: don't come to Devon and Cornwall because you'll get caught. We're very proactive in our stance on organised prostitution."
    Det Sgt Tomlinson agreed that 'the oldest profession' was difficult to eradicate, because where there was money to be made, someone would always be keen to exploit the opportunity, but said the nationwide Operation Pentameter exposed the cruelty involved in the trade.
    The 26-year-old Thai woman rescued from the brothel in Gascoyne Place was brought to the UK to work in a restaurant, but her contract was bought for 10,000 by a Thai woman who then forced her to work as a sex slave in her brothels until she had earned 30,000 for her.
    Even girls brought over to work willingly in the sex trade received virtually nothing until their debt to the traffickers was paid off. Det Sgt Tomlinson said: "Some girls are duped and then coerced; they think they're going to legitimate employment or will become students, but their passports are taken away and they're now in debt to the tune of tens of thousands of pounds before they get their passport back.
    "This is cynical exploitation of vulnerable people who don't know better or aren't aware of what they're getting into. This is the darker side of a punter paying his 60; the girls' documents have been taken and they're threatened that if they go to the authorities they'll be locked up as illegal immigrants.
    "They have nowhere to go.
    "Trafficking human beings in the UK has unfortunately not been stamped out yet, but we're clamping down on brothels in Devon and Cornwall," he said.

    Vice cops vow to smash Plymouth sex slave gangs
    i'd rather have a phlebotomy than a full frontal lobotomy

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    Devon and Cornwall Police warning to sex traffickers

    Oranong Biscoe earned commissions from illegal money transfers

    Devon and Cornwall police have warned they will pursue anyone involved in sex trafficking after a woman linked to the trade was jailed for money laundering.

    Oranong Biscoe, from Waverley Road, Harrow, Middlesex, was found guilty of two counts of money laundering and one of running an unlicensed bank.

    Plymouth Crown Court heard that Biscoe had sent 1.3m, much of it from prostitution in the UK, to Thailand.

    She made thousands of pounds charging commission on illegal transfers.
    Without people like Oranong Biscoe, traffickers, pimps and others involved in the sex trade, would find it considerably more difficult

    Det Insp Ian Tomlinson

    A nationwide police investigation started in 2007 after a Plymouth prostitute was rescued by a client who took pity on her.

    Police found bank receipts paid into Biscoe's accounts when they raided a brothel in Aberdeen, the court was told.

    Biscoe, who was a credit controller for Thai Airways in London, was making a 2% commission on the illegal transfers and was also taking a profit from the currency conversions.

    She banked 18,000 from one brothel keeper on one day alone and used a network of couriers to take cash out of Britain to Bangkok on Thai Airways flights.

    Det Insp Ian Tomlinson, of Devon and Cornwall Police, said after the case on Thursday: "Oranong Biscoe seemed, on the face of things, to be a respectable member of the community.

    'Pursued with vigour'
    "The jury found her guilty of laundering the proceeds of organised prostitution which included the monies made by persons found guilty of trafficking the woman rescued in Plymouth.

    "Money laundering is a serious crime and it could be viewed that, without people like Oranong Biscoe, traffickers, pimps and others involved in the sex trade, would find it considerably more difficult to operate.

    "The residents of the region can be assured that matters of this nature will be pursued with vigour by the constabulary."

    Det Insp Tomlinson praised the work of financial investigator Jay Driscoll and DC Rob Clement and thanked Thai Airways for their co-operation.

    BBC News - Devon and Cornwall Police warning to sex traffickers

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    Four years for the 'respectable' woman who laundered vice cash

    Four years for the 'respectable' woman who laundered vice cash

    Friday, February 12, 2010, 07:00
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    A THAI woman who laundered cash from British brothels, including one in Plymouth, has been jailed for four years at the city's Crown court.
    Oranong Biscoe was caught after a trafficked Thai woman forced to work in a brothel at Gascoyne Place in Greenbank was rescued by a customer in 2007.
    This sparked a police investigation, Operation Celsius, which led to a huge nationwide money-laundering scam.
    Brothel operators Jarawee Faknak and Jutamas Songglin were arrested and later jailed for six years and four years respectively for people-trafficking.
    When police investigated where the huge amounts of cash generated by the brothels were going, the paper trail led to Oranong Biscoe.
    Biscoe, aged 51 and from Hayes in Middlesex, denied three charges.
    Married to Englishman Paul Biscoe, she worked in London as a credit controller for Thai Airways.
    Prosecutor Andrew Oldland said she appeared a thoroughly respectable woman, but between 2005 and 2007, 'greed got the better of her.'
    As a sideline, she ran a service transferring or holding sterling for Thai nationals and transferring money to Thailand using her airline contacts.
    Money was paid from the brothels into accounts she controlled, and either transferred abroad via the banking system or carried in cash by couriers to Bangkok.
    Mr Oldland said Biscoe handled 1.3million between 2005 and 2007 and, while not all of this money was the proceeds of crime, she must have known or suspected that much of the cash was coming from prostitution.
    One link in the chain which led to her arrest was forged when Jutamas Songglin was arrested at Heathrow about to board a flight to Thailand. She was carrying 10,000 in cash, and documents showing the money belonged to Paul Biscoe.
    After a four-week trial, the jury of six men and six women took just over an hour to convict Biscoe unanimously on all three counts:
    running an unlicensed bank. removing criminal property from England and Wales.
    transferring criminal property cash into bank accounts controlled by her.
    James Doyle, for Biscoe, said she was a woman of previous good character who was 'clearly devastated' by the verdicts.
    She had dealt with many women, not all of whom were engaged in prostitution.
    She was kindly, helpful, charitable and did not live a lavish lifestyle, and was not a 'cold-blooded professional money-launderer,' he said.
    Judge Paul Darlow told Biscoe she had been willing to help people involved in organised prostitution, including people- trafficking, for her own gain.
    "You were prepared to launder their ill-gotten gains through the banking system and out of the country to Thailand," he said.
    Sentencing Biscoe to a total of four years in jail, the judge congratulated the police investigators.
    Outside the court, DS Ian Tomlinson said: "This has been a protracted and complex investigation by Devon and Cornwall Serious and Organised Crime Investigation Team and the Economic Crime Unit."
    He paid tribute to colleague DC Rob Clement and financial investigator Jay Driscoll.
    DS Tomlinson said prostitutes, pimps and people traffickers could not operate without people such as Oranong Biscoe to launder and move their money.

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    Koh Tannga
    Looking at her picture she's not going to earn much working in the brothel herself, she obviously had to work out another earner.


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