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    China: 170 Tons of Melamine Contaminated Milk Powder Recirculated..

    ..Instead of being destroyed.

    China finds 170 more tons of tainted milk powder - Yahoo! News

    China finds 170 more tons of tainted milk powder

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    AFP/File – A mother holds a portrait of her deceased grand-daughter outside the Complaints Department of the Ministry …

    By CARA ANNA, Associated Press Writer Cara Anna, Associated Press Writer – Mon Feb 8, 6:47 am ET
    BEIJING – China has found another 170 tons of tainted milk powder in an emergency crackdown that has made it increasingly clear many products discovered in the country's 2008 milk scandal were repackaged for sale instead of destroyed.
    The growing number of cases in recent weeks challenges the government's earlier promise to overhaul its approach to food safety after hundreds of thousands of children in that scandal were sickened by milk products tainted with an industrial chemical. At least six children died.

    Tainted milk products have recently emerged in China's largest city, Shanghai, and in the provinces of Shaanxi, Shandong, Liaoning, Guizhou, Jilin and Hebei.
    China's 10-day emergency crackdown on the products is set to end Wednesday, and it was not clear whether it would be extended.
    In the latest discovery, officials recalled more than 170 tons of milk powder tainted by the industrial chemical melamine and closed two dairy companies in the northern region of Ningxia, the China Daily newspaper reported Monday.
    The report said officials seized 72 tons of the powder but were still looking for the rest, which had been repackaged by the Ningxia Tiantian Dairy Co. Ltd. and sold to factories in the neighboring region of Inner Mongolia and the bustling southern provinces of Guangdong and Fujian.

    Dairy suppliers in the past have been accused of adding melamine, which is high in nitrogen, to make milk appear protein-rich in quality tests.
    The report said tainted powder should have been destroyed after the 2008 scandal broke, adding Ningxia Tiantian Dairy got it from an unnamed company as a debt payment.
    "Our small companies were in total trust of their partners because they've been doing business and having good relations with them for a long time," Zhao Shuming, secretary-general of the Ningxia Dairy Industry Association, told The Associated Press. "They didn't expect those companies would hurt them."

    China Daily quoted Zhao as saying many small dairies, including Ningxia Tiantian, don't have the technology to test for melamine.
    "Flaws in the previous system led to the current chaos. What if companies with tainted milk also hold back their stocks for this round of checkups and reuse them later, just like what's happening now?" the newspaper quoted him as saying.
    Zhao spoke more carefully Monday, telling the AP, "We have strict checks and our client companies have strict checks too."

    The 2008 milk scandal was China's worst food safety crisis in years. Chinese officials knew tracking and getting rid of the tainted products would be difficult,

    but the government didn't promise to destroy seized products itself.

    Instead, it issued guidelines on how to destroy the tainted products, suggesting they be burned in incinerators or buried in landfills.
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    Profiteering From War and Disease, Corporate Owned "News" Media Deliberately Dis-Informs in Order to Further Its Own Agenda- PROFIT

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    Do the Chinese give a shit about anything?

    Oh yeah, making money. That's all.

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    The Chinese Government actually executed some of the scumbags involved in the last tainted milk scandal, and apparently that is not enough to stop this from happening again???

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    Greedy cunts the lot of 'em.

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    As posted before and critized by ignorant twats.

    China milk poisoning incidents make everyone afraid to look at the daily news report. Everyday, the reports are changing. No one can clearly tell us what to eat and what not to eat.
    1. What really is poisoned milk? It is milk powder mixed with 'MELAMINE'
    What is Melamine used for?
    It is an industrial chemical used in the production of melawares. It is also used in home decoration. ‘US resistant board'

    We all MUST understand that Melamine is used in INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTION - - - - - it CANNOT be eaten.

    2. Why is Melamine added to milk powder?
    The most important nutrient in milk is protein. And, Melamine has this same protein that contains 'NITROGEN'
    Adding Melamine into milk reduces the actual milk content required, and therefore it is cheaper than all milk. So it lowers the capital required in the production of milk products. Therefore it earns the business man more profit! Below is Melamine; doesn't it look like milk / milk powder? It doesn't have any smell, so cannot be detected.

    3. When was it discovered that it had been added to milk products?
    In 2007, WE cats and dogs died suddenly, they found that pet food from China contained Melamine. Early in 2008, in China, an abnormal increase in infant cases of kidney stones was reported.

    In August 2008, China Sanlu Milk Powder tested for Melamine.
    Sept. 2008, the New Zealand government asked China to investigate this problem Sept. 21, 2008; they found that man y food products in Taiwan tested for Melamine

    4. What happens when Melamine ingested and digested?
    Melamine remains inside the kidneys. It forms into stones blocking the tubes.
    Pain will be imminent and the person cannot urinate. Kidney(s) will then swell.

    Although surgery can remove the stones, it causes irreversible kidney damage. It can lead to the loss of kidney function and will require kidney dialysis or lead to death because of uremia.
    What is dialysis?
    In fact, it should be called 'blood washing'; it is filtering all of the body's blood into a machine and then returning the blood back to the body.

    The whole process takes 4 hours; and it is necessary to have dialysis
    once every 3 days for the rest of your life.

    Why is it much more serious in babies?
    A baby's kidneys are so very small and they drink a lot of milk powder.
    All people have photographic memories, the problem is most people don't have film!

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    There should be a lot more executions, make it so expensive that no one dare to skirt regs.
    Them fuckers are just like Thai,
    well they have a right to be as where do you think that Thai came from to get here over the last 1000 years.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BobR View Post
    The Chinese Government actually executed some of the scumbags involved in the last tainted milk scandal, and apparently that is not enough to stop this from happening again???
    This infers that the government were not involved???? Come on now.!

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    The back of beyond..on the bloody PC by the looks of it!!
    ^ Correct-a-mundo...I don't think that woman will be getting any compensation, therapy or any form of apology....

    If she doesn't stop protesting and making a fuss, she could be making our toys in a forced labour camp soon....or just disappear entirely....

    God Bless China and it's vast population and cheap labour...
    There are no strangers here, just friends you haven't met yet.

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