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    Shark vs Crocodile vs Old Man. WHO WINS?

    Fishermen fight off croc to save catch in the Northern Territory
    Nick Calacouras
    January 29, 2010

    FIVE fishermen have fought off a hungry crocodile to defend a prized shark caught on a Northern Territory beach.

    A video of the daring battle was posted on YouTube last month by the Cape Don Barramundi Fishing Lodge.

    It shows one angler snagging the shark from a boat while one of his mate comments: "Here we go. Another shark is attacking him".

    He wrestles with the shark for several minutes before the boat is brought ashore, the Northern Territory News reports.

    As the fisho reels the shark on to the beach, the group's guide catches it with a gaff and drags it on to the sand.

    But the boys soon found they had competition for their prize catch.

    A three-metre croc silently swam up to the shore and launched itself towards the captured shark.

    Before the croc managed to make a meal out of the shark, the group's guide stepped forward and whacked him on the head.

    Defeated, the croc returned to the water, while the victorious fishermen cautiously posed for a photo.

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    awesome. it was only a little croc.

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    The back of beyond..on the bloody PC by the looks of it!!
    A baby by the looks of it....should've dragged em' both in great on the Bar-B both of em'....even though miost sharks are becoming endangered these days...

    Eat the salties!!!! they're insane....

    Let alone the bloody Irukandji...saw it on NGC last night....nasty little buggers you guys have got over the on that beautiful rock...
    There are no strangers here, just friends you haven't met yet.

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    It got me the heck did crocs ever get to that part of the world, or the other way around?

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    Pangea....most likely...or they swam

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    Dare to say who the winner might be if OLD MAN were in their {croc & shark} watery element....

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