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    California - Man Upset Over Gay Naked Barn Dance In Wilton

    Man Upset Over Gay Naked Barn Dance In Wilton

    WILTON, Calif. (CBS13) ― Click to enlarge1 of 1


    A Wilton man is upset over a naked barn dance near his home that, he says, happened within clear view of children. He captured the dirty dancing on home video.

    The party was held over the weekend in a field that will soon be full of Christmas trees. But on Saturday, the field was home to a completely different type of celebration.

    The home video shows a group called "The Capitol Crossroads Gay Rodeo Association" at play. Dance contestants' names were called out as men's bare buns and frontal regions are exposed.

    Monty Stanley shot the video. He says he could see all the nudity from his home across the street.

    "They were dancing under the stars," said Stanley. "You can't have man on man, woman on woman, men on women; you can't subject these children to looking at that kind of stuff."

    Stanley says the night of the dance his kids had neighborhood friends over for the night.

    "I was sickened by seeing men on public display clear view of children," said Stanley.

    The gay men's group had a legal permit for the event. Star Weubbe owns the Christmas tree lot land they rented, but says she didn't know naked dancing would be involved.

    "That was something that I certainly would not have permitted," said Weubbe.

    The barn dance has turned into the talk of this small Wilton town.

    "I look at it if it happened anywhere else in town, somebody would be in jail for a felony for exposing themselves to children," said Stanley.

    Was this a case of public indecent exposure? The Sacramento County Sheriff's department says it's unclear. Could the naked eye have seen the naked men from the roadway? That would be the key to any prosecution.

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    Doesn't seem quite right that the naked guy making coffee while nude in his own house is up on charges and these poofters can waltz around in the buff and no one raises an eyebrow...

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    The Capitol Crossroads Gay Rodeo Association"
    catchy little name

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