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    Women rescued from Turkey TV scam

    Women rescued from Turkey TV scam

    The women had been made to sign a contract before entering the villa

    Nine women in Turkey have been freed from a villa they entered two months ago thinking they were taking part in a Big Brother-style reality TV show.

    Police stormed the building in Riva, reportedly after family members became concerned they were being prevented from contacting the women.

    According to local media, naked images of the women were sold on the internet.

    They were also told to fight each other, wear bikinis and dance by the pool, HaberTurk newspaper reports.

    The mother of one of the women told the newspaper they were not abused or sexually harassed.

    Cries for help

    The duped contestants are said to be aged between 16 and 24.

    The women had responded to an advert seeking contestants for a reality show that would be aired on a major Turkish television station, Dogan news agency reports.

    They were reportedly made to sign a contract that banned them from any outside contact and ordered them to pay a 50,000 Lira ($33,000, 20,000) fine if they left the show before two months.

    The women are said to have realised they were being duped soon after moving into the villa, in the summer resort of Riva on Istanbul's outskirts.

    But they were told they would have to pay the fine if they wanted to leave, Dogan reports.

    When the police arrived at the villa to free the women, they reportedly heard cries for help from inside the building.

    HaberTurk newspaper says four people who lived at the villa with the women were detained.

    Police are still searching for the gang's leader who sold images of the women on the internet, the newspaper adds.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dirtydog
    who sold images of the women on the internet,
    I can't find them.

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    Bizarre tale. Didn't they realise? Didn't they check out the company beforehand? Didn't the idiots realise they would be caught?

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    Turkish Delight

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    One day everyone will be made fools of for 15 minutes!

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