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    Mexico plane hijacking

    Mexico plane hijacking: Bolivian priest behind midair 9-9-9 attack
    A Bolivian priest hijacked a Mexican flight from the resort city of Cancun after receiving "divine inspiration", officials said.

    Published: 11:52PM BST 09 Sep 2009
    The hijacking of the AeroMexico flight from Cancun to Mexico City ended quickly after the plane landed in the capital's international airport, its original destination, and the crew and all 104 passengers left the plane unhurt.
    Jose Mar Flores, 44, told police that he was inspired to hijack the aeroplane because the date - 9-9-9 - is the satanic number 666 turned upside down, said Genaro Garcia Luna, Mexico's security minister.
    Mr Garcia Luna said Flores used a fake bomb to hijack the plane, then ordered the pilot to circle over Mexico City seven times. He said he wanted to warn Mexican President Felipe Calderon of an impending earthquake.
    Flores was carrying a Bible and said he had "had a revelation that Mexico was facing a great danger", Mr Garcia Luna said.
    Flores has lived in Mexico for 17 years, and is a former prisoner and drug addict.
    Police stormed the plane on Wednesday after all passengers emerged unharmed.
    Nine people were originally detained at the airport but police said there was only one hijacker. The others appeared to have been passengers caught up in the drama.
    view-source:Mexico plane hijacking: Bolivian priest behind midair 9-9-9 attack - Telegraph

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