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    Children rescued from internet sex abuse ordeal

    Children rescued from internet sex abuse ordeal
    Raids in Scotland and England free five children whose abuse by paedophiles was broadcast online

    Five children have been rescued from paedophiles who abused them and broadcast their ordeals on the internet, it emerged today.

    The boys and girls, aged between seven and 13, were rescued in three police raids in Scotland and two in England.

    Scotland's National Sex Crimes Unit, set up earlier this year, has begun legal proceedings against a number of suspects.

    "This was one of our most harrowing and disturbing cases, but it clearly demonstrated the value of, and real need for, the unit," Derek Ogg QC, who heads the unit, told Scotland's Daily Record newspaper.

    "Until the police investigation revealed these results, we were unaware of the full extent of child exploitation going on in our own backyard."

    The children had suffered daily abuse which was filmed for broadcasting to other paedophiles, either live or recorded, on the internet.

    The operation began in Scotland after a man was arrested for other alleged sex offences. The children were identified, and raids to free them were launched immediately.

    Scottish police passed on information to English counterparts, who carried out further raids.

    Ogg said "incredibly dedicated officers worked night and day to put an end to these children's daily ordeal".
    Children rescued from internet sex abuse ordeal | UK news |
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    The need for these men ( and it is almost always men - like what 99 % ?) to broadcast their odious crime is supportive of the the theory it really is all about control.
    "See me control this being in the most intimate way possible.."

    It seems to me there are degrees of this disorder, pedophilia being at the low end , abusers and adult rapers in the middle and SEA Caucasians ex pats seeking cheap sex with submissive partners on the high end of the scale.

    Why are so many males so slimy,sexually ? Is it testosterone ? Are PCBs upsetting the hormonal balances ? Was it always this bad and the internet is exposing it?

    Profiteering From War and Disease, Corporate Owned "News" Media Deliberately Dis-Informs in Order to Further Its Own Agenda- PROFIT

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