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    Plain Stupid - Girl, 10, Fined $50 For Lemonade Stand At NY Park

    It's a summertime tradition for kids everywhere setting up a lemonade stand and hoping to make a few bucks off of thirst passersby.

    That is, unless you do it on city park property as did one little girl who was ticketed for trying to serve up summer refreshment.

    To 10-year-old Clementine Lee, setting up a lemonade stand at Riverside Park on a hot Saturday afternoon seemed like a fun way to make money.

    Instead, she and her dad got slapped with a $50 fine.

    "I was kind of nervous, and I also really felt bad because I didn't know I was doing something against the law," Clementine said.

    She and her father, Richard Lee, had only been selling lemonade and cookies for about 15 minutes when three Parks Department agents approached them.

    "One of them looked at the sign and said, 'oh yes, she's selling it,' and then they asked me right away for ID," Richard said.

    To Richard's disbelief, the agents began writing them a ticket for selling food without a permit.

    "We just live right across the street, so we thought we'd come out here and sell this we could just leave," Richard said. "And they said, 'no, you know, we're gonna have to right you up.'"

    "They made me feel really, really bad, and scared at the same time," Clemetine said. "We could have gotten into really big trouble and gotten arrested or something."

    A spokesperson for the Parks Department says the agents showed poor judgment and that the ticket will be dismissed.

    If and when that happens, Clementine says she will reconsider setting up another lemonade stand.

    After Clementine and her dad got the ticket, they took the lemonade stand to the lobby of their building.

    At the end of the day, Clementine made $19, which she plans to put in her savings account.

    10-Year-Old Girl Fined $50 For Lemonade Stand At NY Park -

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    Quote Originally Posted by chitown
    "And they said, 'no, you know, we're gonna have to right you up.'"
    right or write?

    perhaps rite?

    damn silly.

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    stupid is as stupid does

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    There could have been anthrax in the lemonade, well done to NY's finest parkies for keeping the public safe from these potential terrorists.

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    Read it again.
    It was Richard who had to produce the ID
    It was the father who got the ticket not the 10 year old girl.

    Richard is pretty stupid if he thinks parks will let anyone set up a stall without permission.
    Whether a warning would have been better than a fine is a question we cannot answer.
    Depends how much lip he gave the Parkies which hasn't been reported.

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    They acted... STUPIDLY!!

    (The New Millennium's way of saying "Fuck the police!!!!!" )

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