More than half a million pounds of jewellery stolen from salesman in Perth Oxfam shop,
Police are investigating the theft of more than half a million pounds worth of jewellery at an Oxfam store in Perth.
It was taken from a bag put down by a customer while he was browsing for books in the store.
Police have not revealed what was taken in the theft on Tuesday afternoon but its value is put at more than 600,000.
The items were in a blue canvas bag being carried by a jewellery salesman who had just visited Timothy Hardie Jewellers in Perth.
He was in the nearby Oxfam store browsing the shelves, when he put his bag down and it vanished.
Shortly afterwards, a dark coloured BMW car was seen speeding away from the area.
Police want to speak to a woman of European appearance who may have followed the man from the jeweller's to the second hand store.
She's in her early to mid 20s, around five feet two, with long dark wavy hair that was tied back in a pony tail.
They also want to speak to two men she was seen with shortly after the theft.
One is of Asian appearance, who was wearing a black suit, the other is "dark European", with thinning grey hair.
He was seen running across South Street with the woman with a blue bag

Police investigate Perth jewellery theft | Dundee and Tayside | STV News

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