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    Suu KYI convicted

    Myanmar court convicts Nobel laureate - Asia-Pacific -
    Myanmar court convicts Nobel laureate Suu Kyi
    Pro-democracy activist sentenced to another 18 months under house arrest

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    American senator raises hopes of Burma coming in from the cold
    A US senator has raised hopes that Burma is willing to free democracy icon Aung San Suu Kyi after a breakthrough visit in which he became the most senior American to meet the regime's leaders.

    By Ian MacKinnon in Bangkok
    Published: 1:38PM BST 16 Aug 2009

    By Ian MacKinnon in Bangkok
    Published: 1:38PM BST 16 Aug 2009
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    Photo: AFP
    Senator Jim Webb made his remarks after securing the release of an eccentric American who was sentenced to seven years hard labour last week for sneaking to Ms Suu Kyi's home.
    John Yettaw breached the conditions of her house arrest and a court last week also sentenced the Nobel peace laureate to continued detention.

    The Democratic senator held talks with Burma's senior general Than Shwe and Ms Suu Kyi during his visit to the south east Asian pariah.
    While Mr Webb secured important concessions from Gen Than, he had not received any definitive indication that Ms Suu Kyi be allowed to participate in the political process as Burma's moves toward elections slated for next year.
    "I hope that this is something the government of Myanmar [Burma] will consider as this process moves forward," Sen Webb told a press conference shortly after landing in neighbouring Thailand. "With the scrutiny of the outside world judging their government very largely through how they are treating Aung San Suu Kyi, it's to their advantage that she's allowed to participate in the political process."
    Sen Webb said elections without Ms Suu Kyi, held for 14 of the past 20 years, would not be credible. He said: "I believe it would be impossible for the rest of the world to believe [the election] was free and fair if she was not released."
    Sen Webb asked Ms Suu Kyi what her conditions might be for taking part in the election but she said this was an issue for consultation with her National League for Democracy party's position.
    Sen Webb favoured seeking ways to end the isolation and the pair talked about the sanctions imposed by the US and EU against the regime.
    Mr Yettaw, 53, a devout Mormon and Vietnam veteran who suffers epilepsy and diabetes, was undergoing medical tests in a Bangkok hospital after suffering a seizure before leaving Rangoon.
    He was detained on May 6, two days after he swam uninvited across the lake to the villa where Ms Suu Kyi was detained.
    While Sen Webb had accompanied Mr Yettaw out of Burma - and thanked the regime for the gesture - he declined to elaborate on the thrice-married father of seven's state of mind.
    "Whatever his intentions were they hurt Aung San Suu Kyi and set back the process," said Sen Webb. "John Yettaw will have the opportunity to have his own say."
    Sen Webb is due to meet US secretary of state Hilary Clinton - who has already announced a review of the Obama administration's policy towards Burma - when he returns home.
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    Another example of total disregard for a woman's right to freedom. Dictatorship at it's finest. Hopefully she is released for the political elections next year. It is a long shot, but quite possible.

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    In your head

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    ^ I was thinking the same Tex!

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    That Yettaw guy ought to be left there to rot, what a jerk.
    But then again, he was reported to have been there for a couple of days. Didn't she have access to guards she could alert ti his presence the minute he turned up in the interests of looking out for her own ass?
    "In my professional assessment as an intelligence officer, Trump has a reflexive, defensive, monumentally narcissistic personality, for whom the facts and national interest are irrelevant, and the only thing that counts is whatever gives personal advantage and directs attention to himself."

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    The back of beyond..on the bloody PC by the looks of it!!
    Maybe she was too scared to call the guards from this nutter?? Bet he didn't stop going on about Mormonism...she's seen American movies and probably thought that he was gonna go chicken oriental...

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