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    I.D. Cards--the way ahead!

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    It's probably not too far wrong... scary stuff. Never say never.

    Reminds me of that bad futuristic Stallone movie... (name slips right now)

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    Don't they have ID cards in Thailand that double as ATM cards?

    20 yrs ago in Australia they planned to bring them in, but the public outcry was too great. Then the last govt. said they were necessary to combat terrorism. Don't know if the new govt has plans.

    Pretty scary things considering today's technology.

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    The back of beyond..on the bloody PC by the looks of it!!
    They can apparently monitor where you are at all times as long as it's on your person!!!! FECK THAT...

    What are they going to do fine you for not having it on your person????

    Just use the old favourite..."Oh sorry it's in my other trousers, I shat them earlier and had to go home to change"

    works for me everytime!!!1

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