The space race hotting up as India, China and now even North Korea all claiming to be joining the establied leaders of The US and Soviets in establishing a fully fledged space program.

40 years after marking the anniversary of the Apollo moon landings, the British have now announced their intentions to be not left behind in these technological advancements, by launching their very own space capsule....containing.....cheese! (Full story at BBC News Website: BBC NEWS | UK | England | Wiltshire | Capsule of cheese 'lost in space'

Presumably if this block of cheese gets too close to the sun, the Brit's can claim another first....The first ever outer space fondue set!

What do you recon ET and his mates are gonna’ think of that.

“ET phone home….ET phone pizza delivery”
"In one can here you vomit"
“Space…The Final Frontier…..Our 5 year mission….To boldly go where no cheese sandwich has gone before”
“A long time ago….in a galaxy far, far away……….stupid earthlings thought it’d be smart to send cheese into space”

Don't is just make ya proud to be a Brit?