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    Egypt - Tourists die in bus crash

    Tourists die in Egypt bus crash

    At least eight European tourists and three Egyptians have been killed in a bus crash in Egypt, security and medical officials say.

    At least 10 tourists were reported to have been injured when the bus collided with a lorry on a road near Safaga, on Egypt's Red Sea Coast.

    Reuters news agency said the eight tourists killed were all from Serbia.

    Traffic accidents are common in Egypt because of what correspondents describe as poor roads and lax traffic rules.

    Those injured in the collision were being treated in local hospitals, medical officials said.

    One report said the two vehicles crashed on a narrow, two-lane road between Qena and Safaga that was the site of several road accidents in the past.

    Another said the lorry had been driving on the wrong side of the road.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dirtydog View Post
    Reuters news agency said the eight tourists killed were all from Serbia.
    oh, thats nothing to worry about is it

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    Worst driving I've ever witnessed. Far worse than Thailand... and that's no mean feat.

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    ^ Ditto.

    Was in a bus forced off the road by a large truck in Egypt several years ago. It was either get off the road or a head on with the truck which didn't even slow down. Insane drivers over there.

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