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    Australia - Fake Qantas engineer gives reference from Bill Heffernan

    Fake Qantas engineer gives reference from Bill Heffernan

    A SELF-confessed pathological liar who faked qualifications to become a Qantas maintenance worker has handed to court a reference purportedly from Liberal Senator Bill Heffernan.

    The reference was produced in court today after it was found Timothy Leslie McCormack's four previous references were bogus, The Daily Telegraph reports.
    McCormack posed as a licensed aircraft engineer for almost nine months before his ruse was discovered in July 2007.

    He had personally conducted or signed off on dozens of maintenance checks on Qantas planes.

    In September he pleaded guilty to 42 charges including forging a maintenance engineers' licence.
    Today in the New South Wales District Court, McCormack's defence lawyers tendered the Heffernan reference without discussing its contents and without explaining the 27-year-old's connection to the Liberal senator.

    Senator Heffernan could not immediately be contacted to confirm he gave the reference.
    Crown prosecutor Paul MacGuire objected to part of the reference, saying Senator Heffernan had inappropriately "expressed medical opinion".
    Judge Mark Marien SC said he would determine how much weight he would give to the senator's opinion.

    The court also heard from a clinical psychologist who told how McCormack's mountain of lies began after the breakdown of his relationship, separating him from his young daughter.

    Before his Qantas lies, McCormack lied to his family to avoid his grandmother's 80th birthday, his mother's 50th, his sister's birthday and a cousin's wedding because he was too ashamed to see them.

    "He wanted to cut himself off from his family because he couldn't face them,'' Ms Farrelly said.
    "Things seemed to go wrong in his life after the breakdown of his relationship (with his girlfriend) when she left with their infant.''
    "This seems to be the start of the fantastic lies.''
    "(He wanted) ... to maintain the image that he's a good man.''
    Ms Farrelly said McCormack would need extensive treatment for “pseudologia fantastica” – the medical term for being a pathological liar.

    The hearing continues

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    Could you get a Thai girl to tell you this is what she has.... pseudologia fantastica

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    pseudologia fantastica
    Fuck, I was married to a mexican that has that too and is in dire need of treatment or maybe be cheaper and better to just shoot her. The lying bitch.

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    fancy getting a reference from Sen Hefferman>>>>> he was Johnie Howard's HEAD LIAR! so must be a great reference!

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