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    Das Kapital

    The Economist... Coups going out of fashion?

    Coups d'états

    Out with the old
    Dec 3rd 2008

    Coups and attempted coups are going out of fashion
    REGIME change nowadays tends to be made through democratic means than by an army takeover. The number of coups has fallen in recent years, with only one recorded attempt in 2007, according to the Heidelberg Institute for International Conflict Research, a think-tank. This is a steep drop from the decades from 1960 to 1989, when an average of 12 coups or attempted coups were made every year. Many coups during the cold war years were backed by the Soviet Union or America as each superpower tried to gain footholds in strategically important countries, particularly in Latin America. But the biggest change was in sub-Saharan Africa, as decolonisation, especially in the 1960s, left weak governments vulnerable to the armed forces and to foreign mercenaries. The region is still the most prone to coups, although Asia is not far behind.


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    could the world finally be learning that it's been invented and it's round and move on ?

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    The Economist. I might walk lightly when considering anything that comes from this journal of the establishment.

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