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    Australia Victoria - Man attacked by swarm of bees

    Man attacked by swarm of bees

    A MAN was stung more than 40 times by a swarm of bees he disturbed when he slashed through a blackberry patch today.

    The 39-year-old garden contractor was slashing grass at a property in Healesville, Victoria, when he was attacked, the Lilydale and Yarra Valley Leader reported.

    "The man had been using a slashing machine on the back of a tractor, when he cut through a blackberry bush, disturbing the bees, said intensive care paramedic Ashley Jackson.

    "He tried to drive away, and then ran along the road to escape the bees, and estimates he was stung at least 40 times.

    "The first ambulance crew removed five stings from his face but they were also all through his hair.

    Mr Jackson said the victim was in considerable pain, and was also given medication to assist with his breathing.

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    Blackberry are a noxious weed in Australia (they grow like wildfire), and a real bastard to remove. I got a letter from my local council telling me to remove a big patch on my property- about seven or eight square metres- or they would come and do it for me, at my expense.

    It took months, lacerated hands and arms, and about three times I had to drop what I was doing and run for it- you don't argue with a mad brown snake, and they love sheltering in a blackberry patch. Incidentally, one of the worst things you can do is slash a blackberry bush- it just spreads the patch wider. The farmer should've know that. Burning doesn't work either- same effect. It's just an ardous, ongoing combination of slashing it back and using a non-residual pesticide. Real bastard.
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    I was chased by a swarm of Killer Hornets in Oman once. I ran like F'k!
    But I tripped and fell.....thinking that this was IT, I looked up in horror as they
    hovered above me. Then they turned and flew off!

    Why I wondered for years afterwards. Then one day I heard a talk on the radio whilst driving my car to work. This expert said that if you are about to be attacked by swarms of bees lay on the ground....They will not sting you if you do that!!!!

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    if you have ever heard the drone of a bee swarm its something you never forget, as a contractor for the last 15 years or so i have encountered a few, now i,m a little wiser i take a bit of a look as to what i,m about to do to avoid such little nasties,i will never forget the day i 'bumped' a wasp nest and was nailed by about a dozen of the bastards and in doing so flicked my $250 ray bans under me tractor/slasher..spewin, now its just 10 buck safety glasses

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