Ohio homeowner who found money in walls bankrupt

A Cleveland woman who ended up in a feud over $182,000 in Depression-era currency found in the walls of her home has filed for bankruptcy.

Amanda Reece's Nov. 5 filing lists liabilities of $1.9 million and assets of $980,000.
A contractor found the stash during a remodeling project in April 2006.
He asked for a share but he and Reece couldn't agree on how to split the cash.

She testified in a deposition that she had spent about $14,000 of the money and that $60,000 was stolen from her closet.

Contractor Bob Kitts got about $25,230 but a judge ordered him to split it with the estate of the man who hid the cash during the Depression.

Neither the deposition nor the bankruptcy filing explain what happened to the rest.