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    India - German mom scared of another Scarlette-like case

    German mom scared of another Scarlette-like case

    Justifying the withdrawal of complaint against a high profile minister's son whom she accused of raping her minor daughter, the German mother said she was afraid that her daughter may become 'Scarlette two'. "Since the day I have filed the complaint on October 14, life has become hell for both me and my daughter.

    There are allegations and counter allegations in the media and we have now realised that we have been trapped in a situation (that is) not in our interest.

    We are also scared of being Scarlett II," reads the letter written and submitted by the German mother on Sunday afternoon.

    The letter had sought to withdraw her complaint against Rohit, son of Goa Education Minister Atanasio Monserratte.

    The mother had complained that Rohit had raped her daughter.

    Police had booked Rohit based on the complaint. He was arrested almost a month after the complaint was filed.

    Scarlette, mentioned in the letter, is a British teenager who was found dead on Goa's popular Anjuna Beach on February 18.

    In the letter, the German mother has claimed that they were in a state of shock and depression and were scared of proceeding with the case, especially after the murderous attack on her counsel Aires Rodrigues, on the night before she was to formally register her complaint before a senior police officer.

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    India, the most dangerous country for girls on vacation. Proof!

    On a serious note, isn't it just pathetic how third-world countries allow a society to operate completely outside the 'law'.

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