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    Family receives ice cream payout.

    Family receives ice cream payout

    05:41 AEST Sun Nov 9 2008

    The Sydney couple allegedly served faeces-laced ice cream has reportedly received at least $50,000 after settling privately with the Coogee Bay Hotel.
    News Limited newspapers report Steve and Jessica Whyte were paid $50,000 with sources telling Fairfax newspapers the payout ranged between $60,000 and $195,000.
    After a day-long mediation on Friday between the hotel and the Whytes an agreed statement was released which said both parties regretted the distress the incident had caused.
    The Whytes claimed they were dished up a free ice-cream sundae containing faeces at an NRL Grand Final function on October 5 after complaining that they could not hear the televised football game over the pub's loud music.
    The statement, issued by law firm Slater & Gordon, representing the family, cleared the Whytes of any involvement in lacing the ice-cream with faeces.
    Neither side would divulge any financial arrangements, but sources close to hotel management and friends of the Whytes have speculated about a range of payouts.
    The saga is set to continue after the hotel hired a team of former NSW police officers to conduct an independent investigation.

    Family receives ice cream payout

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    Family finds ice-cream scandal payout palatable - National -

    This one says 200,000. I'd eat shit on TV for 200,000 Oz$s.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Camel Toe
    This one says 200,000. I'd eat shit on TV for 200,000 Oz$s.
    Not necessary, just complain to club management about noise and get your free shit-sicle.

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