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    Wallabies Terrorise the Elderly - Bush invades.

    Rugby players are not the gentlemen they used to be.

    Wallabies terrorise Townsville Carlyle Gardens retirement home

    WILD wallabies are terrorising a far north Queensland retirement village, knocking over residents and defecating on lawns and patios.
    Residents at Carlyle Gardens in Townsville are said to be too afraid to leave their homes when the 100-strong mob runs amok in the early mornings and late afternoons.

    The wallabies are crashing into cars, scooters and even elderly residents, the Townsville Bulletin reports.

    Large male wallabies, over a metre tall and weighing up to 30kg, are fighting, falling against the side of homes and damaging walls.

    An operation is now under way to relocate the animals.

    Carlyle Gardens resort manager Leigh Bradley said the upmarket village wasn't the place for wallabies.

    "Some of the residents were very worried because now they find themselves confined to their homes because they are afraid of being knocked over," she said.

    "Faeces are left on patios and residents open their back doors and step in it.

    "They are a traffic problem because they run across in front of cars, scooters and push bikes and even walkers that the residents use.

    "A number of our residents are vision impaired and one proceeded to hang clothes on the line and a wallaby was
    next to her.

    "My residents do not need that, they need to be safe."

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    Quote Originally Posted by baldrick
    even walkers that the residents use.
    i could see a real problem there.. look out a bloody wallabie, caused the old girl to crash into the garden bed..must be getting dry up there if a mob that big have moved into the lush surrounds of an old folks home

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