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    Australia Mid-flight fist fight traumatises crew

    Mid-flight fist fight traumatises crew

    A Virgin Blue plane had to turn around mid-flight after two rowdy passengers got into a fist fight and one pretended he was carrying a bomb.

    The flight from Brisbane to Darwin had to be cancelled after two passengers caused a disruption shortly after boarding, The Northern Territory News reported.

    Witnesses said the men had been drinking and began fighting before one of the men started running down the aisle screaming: "I've got a bomb."

    The flight had to be stopped and the plane flown back to Brisbane. The cabin crew were said to have been traumatised by the incident.

    Australian Federal Police officers were called to Brisbane airport where they arrested a 54-year-old man.

    Passengers on board Virgin Blue flight 449 to Darwin last Thursday evening were put up in hotels for the night and flown to Darwin the next day.

    Many passengers were inconvenienced by the flight's cancellation, including the mother of a Darwin Digger.

    Gunner Nathan Wallace's Brisbane-based mother had planned to get into Darwin just before her son arrived home from a 12-month tour of duty including five months in Afghanistan.

    But she missed her son's homecoming after being stuck in Brisbane.
    Virgin Blue spokeswoman Heather Jeffery said there were 138 passengers on board the plane.

    "During the flight a male passenger became extremely verbally aggressive and appeared to be intoxicated," she said.
    "At our Captain's discretion mid-flight we returned the aircraft to Brisbane and the offender was arrested by the Australian Federal Police."
    "Overnight accommodation was provided for all guests and a flight was arranged they redeparted the following morning."

    Ms Jeffery said safety was the airline's first priority.
    "We simply will not tolerate any behaviour like that on board our aircraft and we believe our other passengers would understand and support that," she said.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dirtydog
    The cabin crew were said to have been traumatised by the incident.

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