Underwear thief Paul Marciano caught on camera

AN UNDERWEAR thief who was caught on hidden camera stealing women's garments has told a court he is not a pervert - he was just "bored, stupid and drunk".

Anthony Paul Marciano, of Auldana, assaulted an Advertiser photographer as he ran from the Adelaide Magistrates Court yesterday.

The 20-year-old mechanic - touted by the motor industry as an "outstanding ambassador" for its business - yesterday pleaded guilty to counts of theft, unlawful possession and carrying implements to commit an offence.

In March and April this year, he stole underwear from the washing line of a Rosslyn Park family.

Later in April, police caught him across the road from the same house - this time carrying a torch and a screwdriver.

Officers knew they were looking for Marciano because, after the first theft, the family had installed a camera to monitor its washing line.
Marciano's second theft was caught on video-tape, and the footage provided to police.

Yesterday, prosecutor Emmanuel Athans said 51 items of mainly women's clothing were found in Marciano's bedroom and car following his arrest.

Ted Guthrie, for Marciano, said his client had "no sexual motivation" for his crimes.

"His employers found it hard to comprehend these offences," he said.
"He's normally a polite, competent worker who they say will become an ambassador for the automotive industry. These offences occurred due to a combination of boredom, stupidity and dis-inhibition due to alcohol, not anything sexual."

Magistrate Cathy Deland said she found that hard to believe. She will sentence Marciano next month.