The bridge that killed dozens of people in Genoa was demolished in a few seconds

In the Italian city of Genoa, on Friday, June 28, the remains of a bridge were demolished, with its collapse in 2018, 43 people died. It is reported by BBC News, the video is available on YouTube .

The experts placed explosives both on the remaining pillars of the bridge and on the roadway. In addition, water tanks were placed around the bridge, and watering systems were also included to combat dust. A few minutes before the dismantling siren sounded, and the demolition itself took only eight seconds.

It is noted that before the operation, thousands of people were evacuated from areas adjacent to the bridge. They will be able to return to their homes and offices later in the day, when the area is recognized as safe. Also, roads within a radius of 300 meters were blocked.

The Morandi Bridge, 1.2 kilometers long, was built in 1967. In the 1990s, major repairs were carried out on it, and in 2016 it was reconstructed. BBC News notes that usually such buildings are at least 100 years old. However, on August 14, 2018, the 200-meter part of the bridge collapsed during a downpour along with the vehicles on it.

After the incident, it turned out that the steel cables supporting the structure were destroyed during the years of operation, including due to the effects of sea air. Also, they could have been adversely affected by heavy traffic: an average of about 25 million cars drove across the bridge in a year.