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    Wife is jailed for three months for looking at her husband's phone in UAE

    A court in the UAE jailed a woman for three months for looking through her husband's phone without him knowing.
    The woman's husband filed a lawsuit against her, accusing her of violating his privacy, and she was put on trial.
    A court in Ras Al Khaimah - the northernmost emirate of the United Arab Emirates and known for its Arabian Gulf beaches - found her guilty.
    In his statement made against her, the man said his wife went through his phone and copied all the data to another device in order to search through the information at a later date.

    The woman's husband filed a lawsuit against her, accusing her of violating his privacy, and she was put on trial before being jailed for three months

    The husband made the complaint after his wife was said to have scrolled through his phone contents while he was asleep.
    She was said to have then transferred pictures and chats to her phone to show her siblings.
    She claimed her husband had given her his password and allowed her to look at his phone since she had caught him chatting with other women before.
    The UAE's has strict cybercrime laws, especially when it comes to protecting the privacy of individuals online.
    Some on Twitter defended the wife, with one poster added: 'If she wasn't suspicious over something, she wouldn't have gone through his phone. Isn't it shameful for him to jail his own wife?'

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    They can be sensitive little snowflakes...

    A British teacher could face up to a year in jail after landing herself in court for calling a judge "rude".
    The 49 year old woman was visiting the Personal Status Court in Al Garhoud, Dubai, to find out how to get married in the emirate, when tempers flared.
    The defendant asked to see the presiding judge, Jamal Hamad Al Shehi, after being told she did not have the required documentation, but after he told her she needed all the necessary papers to progress the matter, she said her treatment was rude.
    She insisted her remark was directed at a court translator rather than the judge himself, but was reported to police.
    A court employee said the woman's remarks were used towards the judge rather than a member of staff.
    During police questioning, she said she did not mean to offend the judge.
    In court, the woman admitted issuing insults during the incident on September 5.
    The charge carries a maximum penalty of one year's imprisonment or a fine of up to Dh10,000.
    The defendant's passport was taken after her arrest and her sponsorship was cancelled, court records said.
    “I spoke with the receptionist and told her that I have all the documents needed except for one but she insisted that I get it, then I asked to meet with the judge and explain to him,” she said, in the court records.
    “I said rude, but I did not mean him.”
    During the court hearing, the woman apologised for her actions, saying she was upset at the time, and called for the court to "show mercy".
    A verdict is expected on October 10.

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    Mind you:

    Those who fear their spouse is engaging in illicit conduct can request the public prosecution to search the spouse's phone if due cause has been established.
    I.e. if you can get the old bill to catch your husband banging the shit out of something he picked up at the York, they can both get jailed for a year.

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    Lucky she didn't get a bowl of porridge over her head.

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    Quote Originally Posted by harrybarracuda View Post
    for calling a judge "rude".
    all the religious nutter are a bit precious

    this week another judge was panty twisting and blouse tearing because people were asking about the time he tried to have some surprise sex - fer fcuk sake he already confessed to his d0g - why are people so mean

    we will move forward to a future of real anonymouse ridicule where fcukwits can truely tilt at windmills and implode up their own arseholes - if you can't handle the sweet , stay off the twatter

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    Peeky blinders meet philanderers
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