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    South Africa - guns - taxi drivers ... 11 killed

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    South African police have said gunmen opened fire on a minibus carrying members of a taxi drivers' association,
    killing 11 people and critically wounding four others.

    Two others escaped without injury.

    Police Brigadier Jay Naicker said the victims of the Saturday night attack had attended a colleague's funeral and were returning
    home when the ambush occurred.

    "There has been a lot of taxi violence in the area but we are still investigating who the perpetrators were," Mr Naicker told the
    BBC, adding that the vehicle had been "ambushed".

    He says the attack happened between the towns of Colenso and Weenen in KwaZulu-Natal province and the victims were
    from Gauteng province.

    Police are investigating possible motives.

    The targeted attack comes days after deadly shootings in Johannesburg.
    South African media reported that a taxi owner with "no enemies" was shot dead in his vehicle, and two others were killed
    while travelling under a police escort.

    Tensions between groups of taxi drivers vying for the same routes sometimes spill into deadly violence in South Africa.
    South African media reported the deaths of 10 people in violence related to rivalries among minibus taxi drivers in Cape Town
    over one weekend in May.


    And you thought Pattaya/Phuket Taxi Drivers protected their rounds

    “Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago”


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    Hmmm.....something interesting must have happened neurologically between 2.32 and 2.45 am.

    Go, Wasabi !

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    Quote Originally Posted by David48atTD View Post
    but we are still investigating who the perpetrators were," Mr Naicker told the
    BBC, adding that the vehicle had been "ambushed".

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