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    Palace Far from Worries

    Prince Henrik of Denmark dies aged 83

    The 83-year-old French-born prince was diagnosed with a benign tumour two weeks ago

    Denmark's Prince Henrik, who publicly vented his frustration at not being the social equal of his wife, Queen Margrethe, and refused to be
    buried with her, has died at the age of 83.

    The Prince died "peacefully in his sleep" at Fredensborg Castle, a statement from the royal family said, adding "Her Majesty the Queen
    and the two sons were at his side".

    The French-born prince was diagnosed with a benign tumour two weeks ago.

    He had been hospitalised following an illness that began during a private trip to Egypt.
    Shortly before his death, he was transferred from a Copenhagen hospital back to the castle, north of the city, where he had wanted to spend "his final time".

    Prince Henrik sparked controversy in August 2017 when he announced he did not wish to be buried next to the Queen, breaking a 459 years old tradition.
    He said he was unhappy she had never acknowledged him as her equal.
    Shortly after, the palace announced that Prince Henrik was suffering from dementia.

    He formerly held the title of Prince Consort but renounced that title when he retired from his official duties in 2016.

    He had often spoken of his frustration at being denied the title of king.

    Traditionally in Denmark, while a princess becomes queen when her husband takes the throne, a man does not become king when the roles are reversed.


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    One of the few world leaders who could freely walk the streets of the capital saw him at Amilenborg and soccer games, good innings and some new Ozzie bllood for the great Danes, one of the few societies where enterprise is tempered by compassion , will be there again in the summer for a reunion, the drink prices is crippling enough to keep sober !

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