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    For The Aliens Amongst Us

    15th-century manuscript with 'alien' characters finally decoded

    FOX News (Heh)
    James Rogers

    Scientists have harnessed the power of artificial intelligence to unlock the secrets of an ancient manuscript that has baffled experts.
    Discovered in the 19th century, the Voynich manuscript uses “alien” characters that have long puzzled cryptographers and historians. Now, however, computing scientists at the University of Alberta say they are decoding the mysterious 15th-century text.

    Computing science Professor Greg Kondrak and graduate student Bradley Hauer applied artificial intelligence to find ambiguities in the text’s human language.
    The first stage of the research was working out the manuscript’s language. The experts used 400 different language translations from the “Universal Declaration of Human Rights” to identify the language used in the text. Initially, it seemed like the text was written in Arabic, but the researcher's algorithms revealed that the manuscript is written in Hebrew.

    “That was surprising,” said Kondrak, in a statement. “And just saying ‘this is Hebrew’ is the first step. The next step is how do we decipher it.”
    Kondrak and Hauer worked out that Voynich manuscript was created using ‘alphagrams’ that use one phrase to define another so built an algorithm to unscramble the text. “It turned out that over 80 per cent of the words were in a Hebrew dictionary, but we didn’t know if they made sense together,” said Kondrak.

    The initial part of the text was then run through Google Translate. “It came up with a sentence that is grammatical, and you can interpret it,” Kondrak explained.

    The sentence was: “She made recommendations to the priest, man of the house and me and people.”

    The full meaning of the text will need the involvement of historians of ancient Hebrew. The vellum, or animal skin, on which the codex is written has been dated to the early 15th century.
    The research study is published in Volume 4 of Transactions of the Association for Computational Linguistics.

    There have been multiple attempts to decode the Voynich manuscript. In 2014, for example, researchers argued that the illustrations of plants in the manuscript could help decode the text’s strange characters. In 2011, a self-proclaimed “prophet of God” claimed that he had decoded the book.

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    'Alien' language ...
    The initial part of the text was then run through Google Translate.

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    Fox news is, as usual, full of shit. For those who are capable of dealing with something a little more challenging here's the actual paper on this non-existent decipherment. Interesting in its own right.

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    It will probably say something like:
    " You mentioned my Wife and Kids on another manuscript"
    "You drunken fat wife beating rapist"
    "I dont believe that"
    "Youre obsessed with me "
    "My drawings of the neighboring village"
    "Making my dinner"
    "This is MY manuscript and if anyone says Im gay , Im putting it straight in the doghouse"

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    I wonder if all their proposals, from Thai to Mayan, Latin to Arabic, an so on may have been narrowed down by a dna anaysis of the velum?

    Yeah, Google translate;

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    It was handled by Voynich and soad to come froma maonastery library the illistrations are fantastic whatever te text.
    It's been known about for centuries even by me and I think maybe an ancient hoax.

    Of course unreadable writings are familiar to us here on TD
    I used to have a job at a calendar factory.
    I got the sack because
    I took a couple of days off.

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