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    Trumpageddon - Climate Change Report Sexed Up By Media To Prompt Feeding Frenzy

    In frantic hyperbole released today, by "unbiased" journalists posing as scientificalish wisdomspheres, the lowest probability outcomes with the scariest sounding numbers were picked to lead news stories with dramatic background music and stern DPRK-style furrowed voicebrows.

    Federal Agencies Deliver Blunt Report on Human-Caused Climate Change
    The report starkly contradicts the Trump administrationís stance on climate change
    Federal Agencies Deliver Blunt Report on Human-Caused Climate Change - Yale E360

    Quelle surprise... do they have any comments on the Xi administration's stance on climate change?

    China's Xi Jinping decries failure to tackle climate change with veiled attack on Donald Trump | The Independent
    It sounds like "Climate Change" is being used as yet another political football, or perhaps "front" in the geopolitical power game between China and the USA.

    The new report from the biblically-named NOAA, is very TL;DR but it's all true-ish, depending on lots of things that may or may not happen.

    Back on boffin island, the general sense is that the term "anthropogenic climate change" is so factual that it's impossible for to be wrong, because the climate always changes, and every organism, which includes both humans and Schroedinger's Cat, influences that change, and if you want to get your paper published or any hope of funding, you kind of have to put it in the first paragraph.

    All the stuff in this report is from previous storie, assembled together, and doesn't really face up to the real challenge, which is very much political and economic - the developing world generates a lot of shit and doesn't care where it puts it, and without tackling that, going for easy wins against the soft west isn't really going to have much impact.

    Brazil, China, Russia... without them on board, America has limited ability to curtail this. Where are the articles discussing this? It shouldn't be about just attacking a particular gormless git at the top any given pyramid of power, but on pressurising them all to get together and act together... instead it all just sounds like chess games... whilst the clock is ticking down.
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