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    Palace Far from Worries

    Breaking News - New Zealand have a new Leader

    Green party will back the Labour/NZ First coalition

    Meet the New Leader of the Country of the Long White Cloud ... Ms Jacinda Ardern

    The live feed is here ... more to follow.

    UPDATE ...

    The leader of the New Zealand First political party, Winston Peters, has announced that he will back Labour to form
    a coalition government, making Jacinda Ardern the country's third female prime minister.

    It comes nearly a month after an inconclusive election result left both National and Labour courting his nationalist
    party to form a governing coalition.

    "We had a choice to make … for a modified status quo or for change," Mr Peters told reporters in Wellington, ending
    nearly a month of political uncertainty.

    "That's why in the end, we chose a coalition government of New Zealand First with the New Zealand Labour Party."

    New Zealand First holds the balance of power with nine seats, a Labour-Green bloc controls 54 seats, and the
    National Party 56 seats.

    The announcement means Ms Ardern, 37 and the youngest-ever leader of New Zealand's Labour Party, will oust
    Bill English as prime minister.

    Mr Peters' decision to back a Labour government ends nearly a decade of National rule.


    It's been stated that the NZ dollar dived on the news ...

    Below ... given the fact that a 'Labor' Prime Minister has been elected ... a Kneeler.
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    across the street
    Kneeler or stander?

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    Bit of a shock that one.

    They need to change MMP, up the threshold or something.

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    Labour/NZ First coalition

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    I don’t believe there is a government anywhere with a democratic mandate to run the country. This woman, kind of inherited the party leadership by default and has only been in the hot seat 5 minutes.
    If she screws it up, it goes back to another election. No harm no foul, unless the nationalists get stroppy.

    Im sure what she lacks in experience, she will make up for in determination. Good luck to her.

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    37, not too shabby...

    an improvement on Helen 'Herman Munster' Clark

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    With choppers like that, I wonder if "The Shark" Clark might have been a more appropriate nik ?

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    in t' naughty lass
    You'd love it, you mucky little slut.

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