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    US warns staff in China: Beware of unusual sounds

    Types of sonic weapon

    Infrasound - below 20Hz

    • at frequencies too low for humans to hear
    • if very loud can cause vertigo, vomiting or uncontrollable defecation!!!
    • would need huge racks of speakers to be effective

    Ultrasound - above 20,000Hz

    • easier to target
    • possible to direct sound through walls
    • risk of affecting people other than those targeted, including person carrying out attack

    US warns staff in China: Beware of unusual sounds - BBC News

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    Palace Far from Worries
    US embassy 'sonic attack' cases 'the placebo effect in reverse', mass hysteria expert says

    An expert in mass psychogenic illness has told the ABC's Signal daily news podcast that a string of mysterious illnesses among
    US diplomats is caused by a form of "mass hysteria", rather than by a previously unknown type of sonic weaponry.

    Key points:
    • The US State Department is investigating whether US diplomats are being directly targeted by "acoustic attacks"
    • Dr Bartholomew says it is "physically impossible" for sonic weapons to cause concussions
    • Others suggest diplomats may be suffering from previously unknown condition

    There have now been 26 Americans confirmed by the US State Department to have been affected by the mysterious condition,
    with cases reported in Cuba, China, Uzbekistan and in the past few days Singapore.

    The Singapore case has since been described as a false alarm, but US officials remain on high alert; the State Department has
    now implemented a policy of immediately investigating any reports from staff of suspicious sounds or unexplained symptoms
    out of "an abundance of caution".

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    Lucky, it's not (yet) Novichok...

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