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    Guinea teenager allegedly held as sex slave in Australia

    A teenager from Guinea in West Africa has escaped from an Australian house where she was allegedly being held as a sex slave, according to police.

    The 17-year-old girl had been brought to Sydney in early April by a man who offered her work as a cleaner, New South Wales Police said.

    She was allegedly taken to a house and sexually assaulted by "a number of men" until her escape on 27 April.

    Police officers from human trafficking and sex crime squads are investigating.

    The teenager told police she fled the unknown location before being picked up by a woman who drove her to a community centre.

    She was taken to hospital for medical treatment.

    The girl told police she had met a man in Guinea in January and he offered her employment. The pair travelled to Australia via Paris over several days in April.

    Police are searching for the teenager's alleged attackers and the woman who went to her aid.

    Guinea teenager allegedly held as sex slave in Australia - BBC News

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    How was she able to obtain a visa to enter Australia...which type of visa (tourist)

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    Sounds as dodgy as hell,she would not of got a tourist visa by herself,bet there is a family connection or she posed as a family member and the family are a great bunch of the new type of refugees who are on every scam going.

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