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    'Unviable' device blown up at Old Trafford as Manchester United finale abandoned

    'Unviable' device blown up at Old Trafford as Manchester United finale abandoned

    Ian Whittell, with Julian Guyer in London
    May 16, 2016

    Manchester (United Kingdom) (AFP) - Army experts blew up a suspect device at Old Trafford on Sunday after tens of thousands of fans were evacuated ahead of Manchester United's final English Premier League game of the season.

    Amid a nerve-jangling scare with much of Europe on alert for militant attacks, police said the package "wasn't viable" and had been an "incredibly lifelike explosive device".

    The "code red" alert was signalled by police just 20 minutes before the scheduled start of the game between United and Bournemouth.

    A club employee found what was described as a mobile phone attached to gas pipes during a routine sweep of the northwest corner of Old Trafford, a source said.

    Some players were already on the pitch warming up for the game and had to be led away.


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    Turns out it was a training device left behind from a sniffer dog exercise.

    Some company is off the Moaners' Christmas card list.

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    It was stuck to the back of a toilet Dor with gaffe tape with a mobile phone sticking out.

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